Love Somewhere?(August Alsina Love Story)

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India POV

Well Hi,Im India.Name Familiar?,Lol Im India Love Westbrooke.I'm Lightskin Long natural Hair,Nice Ass&Tits,N Straight pearly teeth, pretty face, caramel,and 20 .I live in New Orleans.. Im Single and reallly Donwant a relationship,they all end bad.I Only  talk to  3 people,I and talk to My day 1s,Evelyn,Nicki,and Blac Chyna.Im walking and I see This sexy nigga.He Looks at me and smiles,I quickly put my head down and blush.Just as that happen guess who CALLS?My Ex-Boyfriend James Ughh her I go with this annoying nigga!

August Alsina POV

Ayoo so whats Happen?Well what can I Say?Im A Lightskin Sexy nigga,body looking right,curly short hair,money,straight Million Dollar Smile,21,and my Game Is amazing.I can Swing any Bitch and all the thotties sworm me when I step out.Ohh Did I mention Im the largest trap lord in NOLA...Well I am.I make gwap.But I got My main Chris,Llyod,Trey,And my Bigg Bro Mel.Them the day 1s ya feel a nigga?I see this BAD bitch.I show her my million dollar smile and lick my lips.She quickly looks away and tries to hide her blushing.She walks right passed me I gotta catch her digits .Well I gotta go A lil Brezzy Walking By right now.

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