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“Data, are you all right?” 

“Geordi, your inquiry implies that I would be, somehow, not ‘all right’, as you say.” 

“You know what I mean, Data.” 

“My positronic matrix is working perfectly.” 

“Data,” Geordi LaForge fought to maintain his composure. He knew the android just didn’t understand. “You suffered a loss, remember?” 

“There has been a change in my circumstances, yes.” There was a moment of thought. “That is, it is notable.” 

“Now you’re getting it.” The engineer paused. “Are you going to have a service?” 

“A service?” 

“Data, you’ve been living among humans for a long time now. Don’t tell me you don’t know why a lot of us have religion.” 


“Yes,” Geordi said. “When we suffer a loss, a lot of us – even if we don’t care much about faith – we tend to turn to it. The rituals are comforting.” 

“But the dead do not know of rituals.” 

“That’s a given. This is a comfort for the living.” 

“And people are affected by this loss?” 

“More than you might think, Data.” 


The invitation was short and to the point. 

Tonight, you are invited to attend a memorial service in my quarters, at nineteen hundred hours. Your attendance would be greatly appreciated. 

Geordi put on a clean uni and headed to Data’s quarters. 

When he arrived, nearly the entire senior crew was there. Only Will Riker was absent, as someone had to be in charge on the Bridge. 

Data stood and spoke. “My friends, I thank you for coming today, to remember Spot.”

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