Michael's Maid/Part 4/Paparazzi

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Y/N p.o.v.

I was just eating a bowl of ice cream and on TV I saw this thing about Michael

Reporter:Ouu did you see Michael and Tatiana or should I say Misses Jackson

Reporter 2:Mm-hm yasss they were hugging and kissing

I dropped my stuff and went upstairs and started packing my stuff finna live with Janet . I heard someone coming in and a girl talking

Y/N:Hey Michael who is this

Michael:Um a friend



Y/N:Cause she that lil piece of 💩 you've been kissing Michael we are over done

Michael:I can explain it

Y/N:Actually u can't leave me alone you bastard you are such a cheater leave me alone

Michael:*Slaps Y/N*

Y/N:*Crying*I'm never coming back to you you are JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER

Michael:Y/N don't leave me I'll be so lonely without u

Y/N:Well u got lil miss fake

Tatiana:Um excuse me with all that weave

Y/N:That's u actually now excuse me

You like or NAH

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