👊Friday👊[part 3]

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Michael p.o.v.

I was wondering if she was gonna let a n*gga smash we sat on the porch and Hank rolled up

Hank:Hey Smokey

Smokey:F*ck u man

Hank:*Laughs**Rolls off*

Michael:Why you don't like Hank

Smokey:He made me high as a mf we were in his car he gave me angel dust I hit it hard right and it made me walk around in my underwear I ended up in a pigeon coop and my mama had to get me out that's why I say "F*ck u Hank"

Michael:*giggles**stops*Uh-oh there go Deebo put your stuff away

Deebo:Aye you got some punk

Michael:Broke as a joke

Smokey:I ain't got nun

Deebo:Come on Smokey

Smokey:Awe man


Smokey:*climbs in window*

Deebo:Michael when someone coming give us a signal*climbs in window*

12 mins


Next door neighbor:*shakes head*

Deebo+Smokey:*climbs out window*

Michael:Y'all ain't get nun

Smokey:We got a couple 200 dollars

Deebo:I got a couple hundred dollars


Deebo:*rides away*

Smokey:Smoke this other blunt


Smokey:Come on

Michael:*smokes blunt*

Smokey:You alright

Michael:Some wrong my heart beatin to fast

Smokey:Man u alright

Michael:*runs in house*

Smokey:Awe man

Michael:You hear da phone ring

Smokey:Naw man gon get me in trouble I'm on house arrest

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