👊Friday👊[part 2]

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Michael's p.o.v.

As me and Smoky was looking at her Smoky looked like he was looking at KFC special

Michael:Why you looking at her like that

Smoky:Her a** fat

Michael:Imma hollar at her

Smoky:Why he always get the girls first I'm sexy too

Michael:Aye mami

Y/N:*turns around*Huh?

Michael:What's ya name


Michael:Oh beautiful name can I have your number

Y/N:Uh-uh sir you gotta get to know me to have me

Michael:*bites lip*

I was growing a bulge in my pants just hearing her talk like that I guess she saw it cause she chuckled and ran away

Smokey:She played you

Michael:Shut up

Smokey:Yo wanna light up this blunt

Michael:We can't do that here

Smokey:Dude it's friday you ain't got no job and you ain't got nun to do

Michael:*snatches blunt out of Smokies hand*Fine*lights it up*

I'm on a magical ride wooooh 🌈🚬

2 hours later

We were having a good time until Smokey got the feeling to get some cigs for tomorrow so we drove to the market and then we got there crazy dude was there ugh he get on my nerves

This dude was dumb I got back home to see that fine girl again I pulled up with a smirk on my face

Smokey:I can tell you finna mess with her sh*t why can't I have a girl

Michael:Cause your not as attractive as me

Smokey:*rolls eyes*

I walked over to her and her squad

Michael:Hey mami nice to see you again

Y/N:What do you want boy

Michael:*scratches head*A kiss



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