Separate[Dangerous Era]

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Y/N's p.o.v.

It was about 2 p.m. Michael was in the studio singing his heart out I was upstairs watching Love & Hip Hop

Y/N:Get her hair Aniqua get her

I got a little bored and walked downstairs I knocked the door then I remembered that he has headphones on I just opened the door anyways I walked in to see Michael singing voice like silk I knocked on the window waving my hands in the air

Michael walks out happy as he can be

Michael:Hey babe *pecks your lips*

Y/N:Hey Michael what ya singing

Michael:It's a secret can't tell you

All of a sudden Michael grabs his suitcase off the ground and throws it on the couch

Y/N:What are you doing

Michael:I went to Japan and got this diamond they say it separates you into emotions and eras wanna try I would love to see all your emotions

Y/N:Michael no that is just a myth

Michael:Whatever you say I'm gonna try it

When he touched the diamond the whole room was bright I couldn't see until I opened my eyes to see all of the eras

Y/N:What...the...f*ck just happened

Love ya😘❤💖

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