😕Things About Me😕

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*I have been in love with Michael Jackson ever since I was 3 years old nvm in the womb I loved dancing to his songs and singing

*I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin not much famous ppl come from here only K Camp & Chris Gardner I actually know him well my grandma does

*I hope to become a singer and be named the queen of pop*to be there with my bae💗*

*I have a weird style when it comes to clothes I'm not the one to look like a bag of skittles I will where bright colors and still will match👌

*When I was 3 years old I said Michael Jackson was my boyfriend it was when he was about 9 in the 70's and I was in the future

*I have dreams about him and sometimes those dreams are in these stories

*My friends say when I sing I sound like him when he was little

*I hope to be on America's got talent hopefully I do not puke or mess up in stage

*Born in the wrong generation

*Born On Palm Sunday April 9th

*just had to put that there**giggles*


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