👊Friday👊[part 1]

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Michael's p.o.v.

Hey my name Michael and I live with my brothers Jermaine,Jackie,Tito,Randy & Marlon
And my annoying sisters Rebbie,Latoya & Janet

I woke up to a loud banging on the door I slipped on my house shoes and went to the door to see two old ladies

The lady was asking me about something but I didn't care so I slammed the door and headed to the kitchen to get me some cereal I got a big ol bowl and got some Captain Crunch and a ladle I walked myself to the refrigerator to get some milk

I walked over to the table and poured the milk into the bowl and only had a little bit of milk

I walked to the refrigerator

Michael:Man we got nun in this house

Joseph:Why all the time I'm in the kitchen you in the kitchen I like chicken I like pig feet

I walked to the garbage can and tried to scrap the cereal into the trash

Joseph:Hold up what the hell you doing

Michael:Scrapping the cereal out

Joseph:You betta put some water in that sh*t

Michael:I'll eat it

Joseph:HEY take that...trash out

I walked outside and saw this hard headed little a** boy

Little Boy:Hey Michael

Michael:Don't you hey Michael me I should knock your a** out for knocking the trash cans over last week

Little Boy:Shut up punk*rides away*


I walk back in to see mama cooking

Michael:Hey ma what you cooking

Mama K:Eggs,bacon,biscuits and leftover pork chops

Michael:Keep cooking

Mama K:*chuckles*

Janet came in asking for track glue

Michael:You need a wig

Janet:You need a job

Then this girl that is a thot called me

Diana:Who is that b*tch that was cuddling wit you last night

Michael:Where you get that info from

Diana:My cousin Kimi

Michael:You know she a little ---

Mama was watching me so I said


Diana:Whateva whoever was wit you tell her Imma beat ha *ss

I hung up and
I walk into my room to see ------ Smokey

Smokey:Break yourself fool

Michael:Man somebody gone blast you one day

Smokey:You ain't got nun to blow me wit

I pull out a gun

Smokey:Where you get that from

Michael:Ya mama

Smokey:F*ck you

Michael:F*ck you too

Smokey was working wit Big Worm so they had a talk

Smokey:Purple Rain mf

We were outside and I was working out and we was talking and then this fine honey came running

We were staring so hard that she talked to us

Y/N:Hey boys



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