Chapter 14: Confusion...

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AN: I'm sorry if the chapter's not interesting. I have too many ideas so it become err... weird. Enjoy...


I went to see Miss Anna at the library.  On my way, I saw Kai and Kyungsoo were standing at the window.

"Hey, Hana! Good morning. ^^" He greeted with a smile.

I ignored him and marched to the library and got in quickly.

"Oh! Hana-chan~ What brings you here?" Miss Anna smiled warmly to me.

"Noona, I need your help."


"Mwo?!! O___O You... you are loved by two wolves at a time?!!" She shouted in disbelief.

"SHH! Its for real! I feel confused! I want to end it!" I placed my head on the table.

Miss Anna chuckled and patted my head. "That's what we call 'love'. There's always third person in relationships. Just keep your relationship with Luhan. Fighting! ^^"

"Thanks noona. You're really kind." I smiled. "Aww~~ Its my pleasure. I'll always support both of you."

I went out of the library and hurried to my class.


I was confused with Kai's words last time. I couldn't understand what he said.

I saw Hana walked into the class and smiled at her awkwardly. She smiled back to me awkwardly too.

I guessed she felt guilty to me. I wanted to say something to her to break the ice but then the teacher came in.


"Hana, let's eat lunch together!♥" I asked her and made an aegyo. She was startled at first and then her face slowly became red.

"Ah... Um... O///O" She nodded shyly and took her lunch box.

"Yah!! Luhan hyung! Let's eat lunch together!" Chen shouted happily but then Sehun stepped on his foot.

"OUCH!! What the..?!!" Xiumin whispered to him and he nodded. "Ahaha... sorry, hyung~ enjoy your lovely lunch~♥" He teased us.

"Chen! Stop it!" Hana shouted and her face was really red. I looked at Kai who was glaring at me.

I grabbed Hana's hand and walked out the class, heading to a quiet place.

"Lu... I mean... Oppa~ do you want some? I made this one for you." She took out another lunch box and gave it to me.

"Oh... Thanks, jagiya~~♥" She blushed again and ate her lunch.

As we were eating our lunch, a girl walked towards us and fidgeting.

"May... may I borrow Luhan Oppa for a while?" I looked at Hana and she said okay. I followed that girl and she suddenly confessed to me.

"Oppa, may I... be your girlfriend? I... I admire you since I saw you for the first time...."

"Sorry. I have a girlfriend already. I'm sorry." I rejected her kindly and apologized.

"No, its okay. I hope that you and your girlfriend there happy forever." She pointed to Hana who was eavesdropping behind the tree.

I just smiled and thanked her. I went back to our place and I saw Hana quickly sat at her place back.

"Who's that girl just now? What does she want? T__T" She crossed her arms and pouted.

"Omo... you're jealous, right? I caught you eavesdropping over us." "Ah?!! Err..." She blushed and continued to eat her lunch.

Ah~♥ Kyeopta~~ ^^

"Oppa, I... want to tell you something..." Hana said.

I could tell what is it. "Let's talk about that while walking home." "Ah... Arasso..."

We walked to our class. "Annyeong, Hana. How's your lunch? Did you guys kissed?" Baekhyun smiled.

"Aniyo!! O///O" Hana shouted and looked at me. I playfully pecked her lips and she blushed.

"Ohh~~~ Cute couple!!" Chanyeol teased us.

"Cut it off, guys!" I exclaimed.

All of them laughed except Kai. We exchanged our glare and I can saw his eyes became red.

I think we'll fight again after this.

•End Of Chapter•

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