Ariane's P.O.V


"Mommy I miss you and daddy so much I miss your pancakes I miss your kisses", I said to my parents graves.

It was hard growing up without my parents.

" I hate that yall left me when I needed y'all", I said with my eyes foul of tears. Man I'm such a cry baby.

I ran away to my parents grave since they are the only ones I can trust and also the only ones who I can't put in danger.

"I remembered the day you guys left me"


"Mum are the pancakes done yet" ,I yelled down the stairs.

"Almost Ariane but you can come down here and help"!, she yelled to me.

"kayy", I said while walking down our marble staircase.

I walked into our huge ass kitchen. Our kitchen had two ovens built into the wall, a sink in the middle of the floor, marble floors, a huge ass fridge. Its not just the kitchen that's huge the hole house was too. It was a five bedroom with a den, living room, game room, and two bathrooms.

I never knew how my dad could afford it though. I never knew how he afforded half the things he brought matter of fact. He always tells me he works at a big company and he's the boss of it but I have never seen his company he acts like they don't have bring yo kid to work day.

"What you need help with mum?", I asked walking into our kitchen.

"Nothing", she said smiling.

"Why you call me down here then", I asked curious.

"I can't ask my only child to come keep me company", she said Laughing.

"Oh no I'll keep you company", I said joining in on the Laugh.

"So my little baby", mum started. "What do you want for your thirteen birthday?", she asked.

"I want a new phone,shoes,clothes, you now what just give me the money and drop me and Amelia off at the mall", I said

"Okay spoiled ass", she said Laughing.

We kept talking until we heard banging on the door.

"Ariane could you get that", my said said while making the eggs.

"Ok, I answered simply"

I walked to the door and opened it and I was saddened by what I was looking at. My father stood there on our door step bleeding.

"Daddy?" I yelled as I seen my dad shirt soaked in blood he had been shot.

"Call your mama", he said holding were he was shot. He limped into the house weakly.

"Mum", I yelled scared.

"Ariane what's-", mum begin to say before she seen her husband in pain.

" Aaron", she said shocked.

Daddy had just went to work about two hours or an hour ago. How could he be shot that quick who would want to shot my daddy. My daddy was nice.

"What happened?", She asked dragging him to the couch.

"They shot me", he said in a duh tone.

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