Chapter 5

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"It's pretty hard to digest that an entire team made out of brats could be killed just like that." Tsunade sighed.

Everyone was still in shock from the previous scene. It was hard to accept the fact that Obito died, but now Rin as well?

"We will get to that, but first, there is still some things I have to show you." The hooded man said, making the entire room straighten up and move their attention back at the man.

Kushina bit her lip as she knew that things are about to get worse and worse. In fact, she wasn't the only one who could foresee that. From this point on, things will be going down hill.

"These events take place one year after Minato was named the Hokage." The man said before he preformed the now, familiar justu.

Today marked the day in which Kushina finally agreed to visit the hospital for some checkups. She's been feeling quite sick these past few days.

'I'm sick? But I never get sick.' Kushina thought as she raised her eyebrow. 'Am I dying too now?' Kushina began to panic.

The scene opened up with the surprised expression on Kushina's face who was announced about the results of the checkup. "Huh?" Kushina managed to murmur through the shock.

"Your due date is... Let me check... Oh yes, October 10th." The doctor smiled at her. Kushina finally snapped out of the shocked trance and put on the biggest grin she could ever have.

"Oh thank Goodness!" Kushina stood up from her chair as she began laugh. With her hand on her heart, she sat back on the chair.

"Kushina!" Minato exclaimed with pure joy as he immediately pulled his wife into a hug. The two of them began to laugh in each other's arms.

"Aww, congratulations Sensei!" Rin smiled. Rin now felt her presence a little awkward, ever since they found out she died. She knew her presence brought guilt but after all, this was why they were here in the first place. To change that grim future.

Kakashi smiled under his mask at his Sensei. Finally things were getting better.

Obito could almost cry out of happiness. He always imagined his Sensei as a father. Hell, he even considered him as his father which only made this even more emotional for him. It felt as if he was getting a little brother... Which he never had of course.

Tsunade and Jiraiya smiled at the couple as they were getting more and more excited for the upcoming events they were about to see.

Fugaku, seemed more relaxed. He almost smiled at Minato and then looked back at the screen.


Later that day, Kushina arrived happily back home, who she was waited by her loving husband who was preparing lunch.

Ever since the war officially ended, things have settled down. Being the Hokage has never been easier for Minato. In fact, he even managed to get some time off, shamelessly trying to make it up to Kushina for all those all-nighters at the office.

"Hah, I knew it wouldn't be that hard." Minato said as he waved his palm in front of his face.

Tsunade threw at him a look that wasn't so friendly. A look so familiar that it made Jiraiya shiver.

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