Chapter 1

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I want to apologize in advance if some ranks or things written down are incorrect. It's been a while since I've watched Naruto :)

Word count: 2866


Minato and Kushina found themselves in another room other than their living room. Minato quickly helped Kushina to stand up as she felt a little dizzy from the ride earlier. Minato was aware of that feeling too. It felt just like the first time he used the Flying Thunder God technique.

Kushina looked around the room as she slowly stood up from the ground. Where are they? She kept close to him as they walked further into the room. It seemed rather empty but as they walked further and further, they noticed three figures walking towards them.

"Sensei?" One of the figures asked as they began to run towards them. Turned out it was no other than Kakashi, Rin and Obito. "What are you guys doing here?" Minato asked as he searched for any type of injuries on his students.

"We just finished grabbing a little treat from Ichiraku and then some stranger sneaked up on us and now we are here." Obito shrugged.

Kushina and Minato looked at one another. This seemed odd. Very odd. Who was this person anyway and why did he targeted them? Was it the enemy? Did they figured out Kushina was the Jinchiuriki? But if so, why were Minato and the others here?

"Same thing happened to us as well. We must find a way out of here." Kushina said as she looked around for any kind of door. But there were none. It was like they were in a big room but with no walls, doors or windows. The only thing in the room was the big screen standing in front of them.

"Wait, someone's coming this way." Rin said as she pointed behind her sensei.

Behind them, stood none other than Jiraiya with a sake bottle in his hands. He looked rather confused and possibly drunk as well. "What a sake this is..." He said as he began to examine the bottle.

"Master Jiraiya?!" Minato almost yelled out as he saw Jiraiya in this state. "This is great." Minato sighed as he went to aid the drunk man who was now sitting on the ground, trying to decipher the name and brand written on the bottle.

Kushina would've laughed at this if it weren't for the situation they were in right now. Them and now Jiraiaya too? What was the enemy plotting? Why them?

She looked at the trio who now seemed to finally get a hold on what happened to them and the situation they were in right now. Rin and Obito seemed rather concerned whereas Kakashi seemed like he had the situation under control. Kushina began to feel more concerned than ever.  She could read on their faces that they weren't ready for war yet. And yet, this is what they were about to walk into in a few days.

"Kushina-san... Are you alright?" Rin asked as she stepped next to her. Kushina realized that she was staring and quickly moved her gaze on Rin. "Huh? I'm fine. I was just thinking." Kushina replied with a faint smile.

As Minato was about to help Jiraiaya stand up, a figure appeared out of no where, falling on Jiraiaya.

"Tsunade-sama?" Minato asked confused as the figure began to move.  Tsunade looked under her and saw Jiraiaya grinning at her. She immediately jumped off of him and kicked him meters away. Minato chuckled nervously as he rubbed the back of his neck. Of course Tsunade would've fallen on drunk Master Jirayaia out of all the places.

"You freaking pervert!" Tsunade yelled as she dusted off her shirt. "Where are we?" She asked as she saw the others staring at her. "We have no idea." Kushina answered truthfully as she walked with the others towards her.

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