Chapter 2

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"Give it you worst." Obito said determined. Rin poked Obito's rib, making his concentrations fade away. He immediately looked at Rin and tried to hide his embarrassment.

"Obito, I don't really think that's really what you should to say given what we're about to see..." Rin mumbled.

"Rin is right, y'know? We should all just stay positive about this. Maybe it isn't as bad as we think..." Kushina said right before the video started.

Everyone got silent as the white screen began to show the first scene.

The Third Hokage was sitting down in his office, speaking with the Village Elders about the war, observing the casualties and events that had occurred the past week.

So far, the Fire Country had suffered great loses, but also gained a lot as well. Today, to be exact, the village finally got a hold on the location where the Iwagakure was transporting their supplies. It was a vital information for Konoha to know. If they were able to destroy that supply line, they would sure win the battle.

"From the positions of the enemy's backup, we've determined that it would be vital to take these points." Homura said as he pointed the mentioned points on the map sitting in front of the three elders.

"The Kannabi Bridge, huh?" Lord Sandaime mumbled as he stared at the map.

"We need to come up with a plan to destroy it right away." Koharu commented.

"Who are they anyway?" Obito asked Rin quietly. Rin gasped out loud, making Minato look at his students.

"Obito! How could you not know who these people are?!" Rin scolded her teammate. Obito only shrugged in reply. "I never seen them." He tried to protect his pride. "They are the village elders, you idiot. They are part of the council." Kakashi said annoyed.

Minato sighed at his team. They weren't even two minutes into it and they were already fighting.

"Right now, many battles are being waged, so there are only a select few to choose from." The Hokage stated as he looked through the data book of all the ninja's of Konoha. The elders only nod at Sandaime in response.

"For this mission, we'll appoint the four man cell of Jounin Namikaze Minato: Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Obito and Nohara Rin."

The elders didn't seemed really pleased by that choice. Not that they didn't believe in their strength, but the recent loses had made them more precautions of their choices. They didn't want to lose another good set of shinobi's during this war.

"They're all quite young, aren't they? Even that Minato..." Homura began but was cut off by Koharu who spoke up before he could finish what he had to say. "Well, due to the situation, our hands are tied."

"A select few? So I'm guessing most of the ninja's left on the battlefield at that point." Fugaku said, making everyone look at him and then back at the screen.

The scenery changed to a forest.

Obito was running as fast as could, jumping on the trees, avoiding rocks as best as he could, only to reach to his destination.

Everyone was looking at the future Obito, who wasn't as different as the one they had next to them. Obito was getting excited, poking Rin and his Sensei, pointing at himself as he almost let out a few sounds of excitement.

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