Chapter 3

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Everyone were staring at the two boys who refused to even look at each other.

It saddened Minato to know that his teachings were in vain up to that moment. However that did not meant that he will not talk about this face to face with them.

Obito gulped as he saw the look on his Sensei's face. It wasn't an everyday thing to see their Sensei frown. As a matter if fact, they never actually managed up to that point, to make their Sensei this disappointed in them. It ate Obito alive and it seemed he wasn't the only one who felt the same about it.

"A team's most important thing is teamwork. Without it, you might as well go solo, since it's the same thing." Minato finally broke the silence, making his three students jump a little.

"I tried! You saw it too, Sensei! I tried, I even swallowed my pride just to make it happen! And yet, he is just so-urgh!" Obito said as he crossed his arms, a visible frown now on his face.

Minato sighed.

"This isn't just about Kakashi, Obito. This is about you too. You have to listen to your captain's orders and not just go against the rules like that. However, Kakashi was also out of line. Kakashi, you're first priority as the team captain is first and foremost, your team's safety."

Kushina and Tsunade nod, whereas Jiriaya and Fugaku only gave Minato an approving look.

"You said it yourself, Kakashi; a shinobi must not show emotion. However, the decision you took was all because of White Fang." At that, Kakashi's eyes widened a little bit, as no one before brought his father into discussion.

"It's actually pretty sad." Tsunade said as she stared at the ground. "The shinobi world forces children to go to war. They aren't ready to make decisions like this. The mission's success or the life of your comrade. That's just..."

Minato smiled sadly as he looked upon his three students. He sat back down next to Kushina and looked at hooded man.

"I believe we still have to finish what we started." Minato said. The man only gave him a small nod before the screen started to show images again.

The ground was rumbling as huge rocks and boulders were thrown at the Konoha shinobi's. Not many of them were left alive unfortunately; some dying at the very moment.

'Is this the Kannabi Bridge?' Minato thought but it seemed that many had the same thought.

Minato ran towards the ninja's that remained alive. They all seemed pretty tired and most probably, out of chakra. The enemy was strong, that was for sure. But they were only strong because of their number.

"Kami-sama... It's been a while since I've seen this much blood." Tsunade said as she moved uncomfortably in her chair. Jiraiya gave her a little glare before looking back at the screen.

'She doesn't like blood that much since those incidents...' He thought to himself.

"What's the situation?" Minato asked as he jumped next to the captain. The man next to him sighed as he looked towards the battlefield, avoiding getting hit in the head by a huge rock.

"There's about fifty enemies. On the other hand, we're down to four men." Bodies lying around the ground wasn't the only thing that made this a nightmare. Most of the ninja's left alive were already accepting their end by now.

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