Prologue- 10 Years Ago

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Hey everyone! It's me, klypso01 with a new story! I absolutely love the Seven Deadly Sins, but I own nothing except Janis and my plot twists, I will not claim the pictures either, because they belong to whichever awesome person made them. I hope you enjoy, and please let me know if you see any plot holes or other mistakes, I love constructive criticism! This chapter is dedicated to Firamy for voting on my story! You guys are the best!


Most people will never know what it's like to look into your family's eyes and see betrayal and disgust; most people will never understand the pain of witnessing a heinous crime, and then being pasted with the sole blame by your entire nation. Most people don't understand that, but I do; I guess that it makes sense to some extent, I am after all the Hydra's sin of Deception, a member of the Eight Deadly Sins.

*** (***=Time skip)

For the most part, my relationship with the other sins could be described as hesitant, and it's all thanks to the fact that I am a banshee. My race is hated throughout the world as the bringers of death; if I'm being honest, there is more of a stigma against us then there is against demons. It wouldn't be so bad if I weren't the only decent member of my species left, there are plenty of banshees out there who are more than happy to foster that bad name, but I digress.

The only reason that Captain Meliodas let me on the team was that the king demanded it, and he made sure I knew it. I guess that's what I get for being the kingdom's best assassin. I have a particular skill set that comes with being a banshee that makes me excellent at taking people down; I don't really like it, but I'll do it if that's what is required of me.

My story begins around a decade ago, a time when things were simpler, but sadder for me; you see, at this time, I had a business-like relationship with the sins. We would do our jobs together, and then I would leave immediately to go and run whatever errand the king assigned me. We weren't close, but we had some degree of trust, which I was glad for.

The day that everything changed started out fairly normally, we completed a job and then started heading back when I had a death omen. Normally I only get these when I touch someone, but when I am close to that person or this death will affect me drastically, I get them wherever I am.

One second I was walking with the sins, and the next was in a dark room in my head looking through a window. What I saw was gruesome, it was Zaratros, the Great Holy Knight, propped up by spears that pierced his body. The blood dripped from him and I heard a child screaming for his father, that would have to be Gilthunder.

I gasped as the vision ended and fell to the ground. "No, please don't tell me that is true." I murmured; I needed to get to the capitol right away, I knew I couldn't prevent the death, I had learned that lesson long ago, but I needed to be there to help Zaratras' soul crossover. For violent murders like this, it was necessary that a banshee be there to help, or the soul will end up stranded and lost as a spirit.

I summoned out my sacred treasure, Durendal, and mist began to envelop me, I closed my eyes and ordered Durendal to transform me into mist. I flew through the countryside at a speed that could only be exceeded by Merlin's transportation magic and arrived at the capital in minutes. I reformed inside the tower where I saw Zaratras' body and a tear slipped out of my eye as I thought of the tragedy that would soon occur here.

 As I slipped into the shadows I thought of Zaratras, he had always been kind to me and showed friendship where others showed only suspicion. He was my first friend that I have had in decades, and I was about to lose him; I cursed the ancient laws that forbade me from interfering in what was sure to come to pass.

Banshee's carried the task of witnessing for the dead and helping their souls cross, as I said before, but if we saved a soul from its fate, there were severe consequences that would be inflicted on us. This was the burden of the Banshee's and it also played into why people hated us, we knew of people's deaths, but we did nothing to stop it, they didn't understand the extent to which our hands are tied.

Zaratras entered the room with his brother Dreyfus and close friend Hendrickson, they were arguing about something and then they stopped. I closed my eyes and stopped listening, because I had already seen what would happen to the man I cared about so much, and I didn't want to see it live. When I looked back up, the deed was done, and I choked back a sob as Dreyfus looked at his brother, "I'm truly sorry brother, I wish it hadn't have come to this."

They walked out of the room, and I approached Zaratras and murmured, "Reveal", and Zaratras' soul began pooling out of his body and formed in front of me. "Hello old friend," I said, looking at him sadly, "I knew I would see you again, but I never expected it to be like this, forgive me."

"Janis, it's good to see you as well, though I admit, I am surprised by the method as well" He chuckled then sighed and shook his head sadly, "Janis, I have a feeling that this will lead to far worse consequences than we can possibly foresee; this could lead to a holy war, and we will need you and the sins to help keep the kingdom safe. I know my brother, and he is likely to pin the blame on someone else, most likely you; he has killed me, and you are the next most powerful Holy Knights. Please be careful Janis, because you are all in danger, from more fronts than one.

"We will be careful, Zaratras, but for right now you know what needs to happen. You are no longer a part of this world."

"Yes, I know. I guess all of those conversations about this process helped quite a lot, didn't it?" We laughed together for a minute, "I always suspected you would be here for my death, but please Janis, I know how much you tend to take the guilt of deaths on yourself, but please don't blame yourself for this. I am glad that you were here now, please take care of Gilthunder for me. We both know that he isn't going to take this well, he will be a strong knight one day."

"I will, now it is time for you to rest. Thank you for your service and know that the souls of those who care for you are waiting to greet you in the world beyond." He smiled at me one last time and then began to fade out. "Fare thee well, Zaratras, you have earned many rewards for your goodness. Your life is one that has been filled with service to others, you will be missed, but you are going to be remembered with pride from everyone who knew you."

Tears began running down my cheeks as he disappeared completely; all of a sudden, a shout was let out behind me. "Zaratras!" I turned around to see the sins running towards me, "Janis, what have you done!" "You murdered the Great Holy Knight." "How could you, he was your friend!" "I always felt that you were untrustworthy, looks like I was right."

As these comments flew at me from my comrades, I tried to defend myself, but they weren't giving me time to speak. "Please, guys; listen, I didn't-"

"What you have done is unforgivable, Janis." Meliodas glared at me and began to approach me menacingly, "As the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, I hereby sentence to death." The rest of the sins gathered around me, and I raised my hands as if in surrender.

"I'm sorry, but I made a promise to Zaratras, and I intend to keep it." I quickly summoned Durendal, "Mist body!"  I shouted and then flew out of the tower. I saw the Great Holy Knights gathering around the tower. 'I'm so sorry my friends, I didn't want to abandon you, but you gave me no choice'

I flew until I was far away from the capital and when I landed I sat in a field and thought about what I was going to do now. I promised Zaratras that I would watch over his son, but for now, I needed to retreat until the time was right. I began walking to a nearby village to begin my new life.

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