Chapter 9

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The next morning I wake up with a smile on my face. The words Dom had said about me floods back to me. I feel like a little girl in a candy shop.

I jump out of bed and dance my way to the closet. I pick out a white tank top, and light faded blue jeans that have holes in them. 

I jump in the shower singing Titanium. I can't exactly sing, but I don't care. Once I'm done with my shower, I slip on my outfit for today. I let my hair dry naturally while I eat a bowl of lucky charms. Well eat is one word for it. But I'm shoving it down my throat. 

What? I'm excited to go to school. I can't wait to see Dom. I miss him. I miss his smile. His laugh. His smell. Just him all together. After eating, I quickly brush my teeth before heading out the door.

Shoving my headphones in my ears, I play the song In The End by Linkin Park. About half way through the song, I hear a car honk. I jump from the sound, nearly dropping my phone in the process. I take my ear phones out and look at the car. It's Dom. I smile.

He rolls down his window, his eyes roaming my body quickly. I blush slightly, hoping he didn't notice.

"Want a ride?" he asks, smiling his oh so beautiful smile.

"Thanks." I smile in return, getting in the car.

We head to school in silence. I look over at Dom thinking about what he said last night. I smile big. Dom looks over at me, catching me smiling while looking at him.

"What?" I can see a small smile form on his lips.

"Nothing." I reply, looking away.

"What is it? Do I have something on me?" He asks, looking in his mirror.

"No." I laugh, my voice breaking a little.

Dom looks over at me and smiles big before returning to look at the road. Soon we pull up to the school. Dom goes to get out, but I stop him with my hand, touching his arm.

"What's wrong?" he asks, reading my expression.

I was worried.

"Are you sure you want to be seen with me?" I ask quietly, looking down at my hands.

Dom puts his finger under my chin, making my eyes meet his.

"I don't care what the people will think. I want to be seen with you."

My heart skips several beats. I smile, before getting out of the car. We enter the school building side by side. All eyes turn on us. Some in shock. Some with an ugly expression. Probably from what I did to Alison and because I'm with Dom. 

We make our separate ways to go to our lockers. As I grab my things, I look over at Dom's locker. Only for my heart to drop. Alison is hanging around him. She says something while laughing before slapping him on the arm.

Can she be any more of a slut. The moment she kisses Dom on the lips, answers my question. I slam my locker shut not wanting to see them kissing. I storm off to class before the bell even rang for first. But I don't care.

I throw myself down in my seat, causing the teacher to look up at me. 

"Everything okay, Miss. Ortiz?" he asks, looking me over. Perv.

"I'm all rainbows and sunshine." I say sarcastically, before getting my notebook out.

 I start writing more on my story. I furiously write on my paper, not hearing the bell ring. Everyone gathers in the classroom. The all so familiar scent fills my nose. I didn't bother looking up. 

I look up at the door to see Andrew walking in with his head down low. 


I forgot about our date last night.. I completely forgot. I feel a sick feeling in my stomach. Guilt. He walks over to his desk and slumps down in his seat. I need to talk to him.

I wait anxiously for the bell to ring. As soon as it rings, Andrew shoots from his seat and practically runs out the door. But he's not fast enough. I push pass Dom, ignoring him calling my name. I catch up to Andrew and grab his arm. He jerks back fast giving me a hurt expression.

"Andrew, I am so sorry. I completely got caught up in homework last night. I forgot we made plans, but.." I get cut off by him.

"Don't bother." he tries to walk away, but I step in front of him.

"Please." He doesn't look at me. "Please give me another chance." 

He looks over at me before smiling a little.

"How can I say no."

"You won't regret it." I smile, before kissing his cheek. "Catch you later!"

I walk to my locker, feeling Dom's eyes on me. I don't bother to look over at him. Kissing Alison this morning hurt me. And if he likes me the way he described last night then me going out with Andrew will bother him.

Yes, I know it's not fair to Andrew. But I am his friend. So I can consider it a friend date while he thinks other wise. I close my locker door and turn sideways to come face to face with Dom. He has his hand on the locker, leaning a little.

I got to admit he looks hot as hell doing that. No. Letty stop. You're mad at him. I try to go by, but he stops me by stepping in front of me.

"What's wrong?" he asks, acting like he doesn't know the answer to that.

"As if you didn't know." I glare at him before walking by.

I get pulled back by my arm.

"Let go of me, Dom." I snap.

"Not until you tell me what I did."

I laugh cold heartedly.

"Why don't you go make out with Alison by your locker again and leave me alone." I finally push pass him, and walk down the hallway to my next class.

I can feel tears at the brim of my eyes, but I don't let them fall. I fall down into my seat, ready for this day to end.

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