Chapter 18

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Very long wait, I am so sorry! There's a lot that has been going on lately. My sister got deployed to Korea, which there is a lot going down there. So I'm stressing about that, and not to mention my cat died today, which she had six kittens she was taking care of. So there's that too. Like I said, sorry for the long wait. I hope ya'll understand. And if ya'll could, say a prayer for my sister. Anyways, on with the chapter.

"Letty...come out, come out, where ever you are." my dad says, his voice echoing throughout the big house.

My breathing becomes heavier as I hear his steps getting closer. I ran into the guest bedroom, looking around for some place to hide. He's going to find me no matter what I do. He always does.

I quickly slip underneath the bed, putting my hand to my lips so I don't make a sound. My heart sinks when the bedroom door creaks open slowly. His footsteps walk pass the bed, walking into the bathroom. 

"I know you're in here, Letty." he says, as he flings something around in the bathroom.

I would make a run for it, but I don't think I can make it in time. But if I don't, there is a chance that he might see me under the bed. Before I can make a choice, I feel something wrap around my leg. I feel my body being drug out from under the bed. I let out a little yelp, before trying to grip onto something.

It doesn't work.

"No!" I yell, causing my voice to crack.

His hands flip me over so I come face to face with him. His beard is all grown out, and he has bags under his reddish eyes. I can smell the stinch of alcohol coming from his breath.

"Please, let me go." I beg.

He pulls out something from behind his back pocket. I look at the object to see it was a silver knife. I let tears escape my eyes, as he brings it up to my neck. 

"Please, I won't tell anyone. I swear. Just let me go." I cry, fearing the worst.

"Shut up!" he yells, bringing his hand down onto my cheek.

He picks me up from the ground, putting me over his shoulder. I kick and punch, trying to get him to drop me, but no luck. 

"Let go of me!" I yell, as he walks down the stairs. 

"This is for your own good." he states, before slamming me down onto a table down in the basement.

I try to fight him, but he straps my hands down. When he goes for my feet, I kick him straight in the face, causing him to fall backwards. He doesn't get back up. I look around, not knowing what to do. 

"Someone help me!" I yell, even though it's not going to help me.


"Dom?" I ask, looking toward the stairs. "I'm down here! Help me!" I yell, as I hear footsteps coming down.

The person comes to view, but it's not Dom. Did I imagine his voice in my head. I shake my head, confused as to what they are doing here. I shake my head, as they walk over to me, smirking.

"Darlin', you can't escape. Even if you do, there's no way out of this house." they laugh, before picking the knife up off the ground.

"What did my dad tell you, Alison? Whatever he said, is a lie. He's a drunk. You can't believe whatever he says."

"Oh, honey. I volunteered for this. When I found out he wanted you, I jumped at the have Dom to myself. With you in the way, he will never look my way. But when your dad mentioned your name at a bar, I couldn't resist. And here we are." she says, smiling while playing with the knife.

"You're sick, Alison. You're just like him. Maybe you should have been his daughter." I spat, feeling sick to my stomach.

She let's out a laugh, before walking closer to me.

"Honey, he is my father." 

I shoot up in my bed, sweat pouring down my face. It was just a dream. I jump just by the sound of the wind hitting the window. That dream felt so real....I can still feel where the cold medal of the knife was on my neck.

I shake my head. It's just a dream. I get up, and make my way to the bathroom. I can tell I am scared just by looking into the mirror. My body is shaking a little, while the sweat is visible. I clean my face, before changing pajamas. 

I wonder if Dom is awake. There is no way I can sleep right now. I don't feel safe. I slowly walk to Dom's door, and slowly open it. I look inside to see Dom's back facing me. 

"Dom?" I ask, knowing he is asleep.

To my surprise, his body turns over, and his eyes search me. 

"Everything okay?" he asks, sitting up in bed.

I walk over to his bed, and sit down next to him. 

"No..I had a bad dream. Now I can't sleep." I say, resting my head on his shoulder.

He kisses my head, before lacing his fingers with mine.

"You can sleep in here for tonight."

"Thank you." I smile, before pecking his lips.

I go to pull away, but he pulls my face to his, deepening the kiss. My mouth melted against his. I pull away slowly, before resting my head on his chest, and closing my eyes.

Short chapter, I know. I'm out of ideas right now! I will make the next chapter better and longer. Thank you guys! I love each and every single one of you. And if you see any mistakes, please kindly point them out and I will fix them.

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