Chapter 6

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The next morning, I wake up in a good mood. It's weird being happy to go to school. But there is only one word that can explain my happiness.


Knowing that I am going to get to see him, makes my heart beat faster. I wonder if he is going to talk to me today like he did yesterday.

Getting up out of my warm comfortable bed, my feet make their way to my walk-in closet. I pick loose clothing, and then make my way to take a hot shower.

After showering, I throw my hair up and put my clothes on. I look in the mirror and smile. My mind still on Dom.

Once I get Avery ready for school, we head out the door. We walk hand in hand along the white sidewalk.


I look down at my little sister and smile.


"So I was wondering if I can spend the night at my friends house tonight. Her mom already said yes." She gives me this pleading look.

"Of course you can."

She yells excitedly. I laugh along with her. Once we get to her school, she gives me a hug and then runs inside the building.

I get to school just in time for first period. When I walk in, I smile. Dom's here. His blue eyes move across the room and meet my brown ones. I quickly look down out of shyness.

Before sitting down, I make eye contact with the devil. That devil being Alison. She is glaring at me. She must have seen Dom looking over at me.

I mentally flip her off before sitting down in my seat behind Dom. I can smell his cologne.

The teacher is talking, but once again I'm not listening. My eyes are trained on the back of Dom's head.

That is until I hear my name. It is Andrew. I focus in on what he is saying.

"So I was wondering if we can have that dinner tomorrow night." He looks around shyly.

I couldn't help but notice out of the corner of my eye, Dom's body posture changed to tense.

Was it because of what Andrew asked me?

No, it can't be. Why would Dom be bothered by that? He doesn't like me what so over. He's just now starting to notice me.

I give Andrew a smile.

"Sounds great. I will see you tomorrow."

Andrew smiles before walking away. Blowing out a breath, I lower myself in my seat. That was definitely awkward.

The final bell rang for school, signally for everyone to go home. I'm kind of sad to go home. I won't be able to see Dom until tomorrow, and tonight I'm going to be alone. I hate being alone.

I go to the bathroom to look in the mirror. My clothes hanging loosely from my body. I cringe. I don't like these clothes on me anymore. I like what I was wearing at Mia's.

Dom seemed to notice it. Maybe I should start wearing more revealing clothes to school. Maybe than I will be noticed. But the only person I want to notice me is Dom.

Sighing, I walk out the door to bump into someone. Not just anyone. The devil itself. I mentally slap my forehead. I can't stand her. Her two minions are with her.

Can't they just leave me alone? I never done anything to them. I try to walk by, but Alison shoves me back to where I was.

That pissed me off. But I keep it cool. I don't need to get in trouble right now.

"Where do you think you're going, loser." Alison giggles, while the other two laugh along with her.

I mentally roll my eyes. I don't say anything.

"I'm talking to you." She snarls.

I try to go around again, but she stops me by shoving me to the ground.

It was then I hear someone yelling down the hallway. It's Dom. He's walking this way. He doesn't look too happy.

"Dom." Alison smiles.

She drops that smile the moment he walks past her and helps me up. He picks my books up off the ground and hands them to me. He then looks at Alison and her crew.

"Get lost." He snarls, before grabbing me by the elbow gently and pulling me toward the exit.

Did Dom just stand up for me?

Once we get in his car, he starts driving down the road. I glance at him every once in a while. I look away when he goes to look my way.

We stop in front of my house. I mentally sigh. I don't want to leave Dom. I want to be with him. I look over at Dom. Before I can stop my mouth, I speak.

"Why weren't you here these past three days?"

"I was on vacation." He simply answers.

I don't believe him. But I let it go.

"Well thanks for the ride home." I say, opening the door.

Before I can get out, he grabs my arm gently. My heart beats faster.

"Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself, Letty. You're stronger than you think."

I smile in thanks before getting out of the car. I watch him drive away before entering the cold and empty house.

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