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Christian's POV

Another long day at Grey Enterprises has finally ended but as I was about to leave my e-mail popped up with a new one. It was the orphanage I put my name on for the list of emergency adopters.

To: Christian Grey

RE: We need your help


We apologize for the intrusion but under our current circumstances it is deemed necessary that you come to the orphanage on June the 3rd of 2017 for the emergency adoptions. 5 kids have not been adopted and we have to shut down a week after the date requested of your time. Attached is a list of the children there. Please R.S.V.P to receive the child that you'd be most interested in first.

Sincerely, Lina

I sighed and chuckled. I wasn't shocked the orphanage was closing. The last time I visited the place it was almost falling apart. But I sighed and opened the files. Only one of the files intrigued me though. The one on Julia. She was the only one with interesting qualities.

Name: Julia Alicia

Age: 10

Height: 36 inches tall

Weight: 70 pounds

Hair color: brown

Eye color: Grey

Normal outfit: black pants and a blue top or black long shirt

Formal outfit: black pants, black shoes and white top

Special needs?: none of aware notice, isn't very sociable

Medication: one

Glasses?: No

Mother: Carla Ann Alicia

Father: Paul Alicia

Grandparents: Deceased

Brother: Dead

Sister: None

Grade Average: 95

Interests: Photography, Music, Reading, Writing,

Job hopes: Photographer, Author, Secretary

Personality: Are we sure she has one? She's bossy, strict, sweet and loving

Former home: California

Favorite Transportation: None

Desired to be on: Helicopter, Boat, Jet

Place most wanted to Travel: Paris

The ladies at the orphanage certainly had their issues with this child. She was described as having no personality.  I disagree. She has one. It's just buried. She'd love the private school I make my kids attend. They have an excellent Photography Program. She even seems to have no issues. I'll get a chance to talk with her myself in literally 2 days.

I fired up my email and responded.

To: Sunnyside Orphange

RE: Emergency Adoption


I just got your message and I'd like to get Julia please. I hope she is still available. Thenk you for letting me know

Christian Grey

CEO Grey Enterprises and Holdings

 Within seconds I got an okay to adopt Julia. So soon enough she would be a part of my family. One that has love and warmth. One that she can come home to and vent to.

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