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As Christian arrived home he watched as Anastasia woke Julia and took her inside. "Sophie is going to be anxious to meet her," Taylor chuckled.

Christian nodded and finally caught up to the girls and they were just getting to her room. "You go on ahead inside Julia. Christian and I will be around. I'll be downstairs and Christian just needs to finish some things so he'll be up in the study and tonight you'll meet your brother and sister," Anastasia informed.

"Okay," she answered and walked into her room and shut the door. Christian had been concerned but let it slide.

"What is it Christian?" Anastasia was walking with him downstairs.

"That girl certainly seems like she'll be okay but I'm concerned. She doesn't seem like she's well. As in she's unsure," Christian sighed. Anastasia smiled and kissed his pursed lips.

"You're being the man I fell in love with again. Worried and protective. Julia's okay. Just unsure how to proceed," she soothed and looked up at him.

"Okay, but I want her to be sure she can trust us," he sighed.

"She will. Just go work and I'll come see her after a bit. Go," she chuckled.

As Christian got in his office, Julia was looking around her new room. It had two beds. 1 that was alone and 1 that was attached to a desk.

 1 that was alone and 1 that was attached to a desk

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Christian send Julia an e-mail and she looked at it.

Ms Julia,

I know you ran and I'm worried why. Did I upset you? Strike fear? I hope neither. I do want you to feel welcome here. If you want to rest you can. We will come wake you. Either way I will let you relax

Christian Grey
CEO & Overprotective Father Grey Enterprises

Julia chuckled and opened her email address so she could make sure she had a good signature. She smirked when it was already under Grey.


You did not upset me. Fear? Sorry big guy but I have none. That you must be aware of. Yet. I can't sleep even if I try. Let's just say you'll notice some new marks under my eye in the morning. Relax? Really? What world am I in? Alternate Universe? Anyways where are my pajamas I want something a little more comfortable? Oh speak of comfort, where is MY HAT?

Julia Alicia
Adopted Daughter and very hungry child of Christian Grey

Christian burst out laughing at Julia's response. She was so much more direct in e-mail. Which was nice. She needed to be able to communicate her feelings to him.

Julia (Watch the sass),

Your pajamas should be in the drawer under your bed. You'll get your hat back after dinner. I was planning a little campfire. Besides, there is someone coming that I'm certain you'll make friends within no time. Rest easy love. Just calm down and don't be worried. I have you in safe arms and I will keep you to schedule. Plus you have 2 other siblings to meet. Just relax

Christian Grey
Overbearing, Protective and Concerned Father CEO Grey Enterprises

Julia chuckled and noticed a package of paper with a clip and smirked. 


The papers on my desk. The hell? Last I checked you're the CEO not me. Also how much older am I than them or vice versa? Anyways, I need to discuss something with you. Alone.. in regards to one Elena Lincoln. She spoke with me in school and I'm concerned about her topic of choice. It was you. I don't want to alarm Mrs.Grey

Julia Alicia
Daughter and needing someone to talk to of Christian Grey

Christian immediately put down his work and walked into his daughter's room and saw the look of concern on her face. "What did Elena say?"

"How you tricked her. Used Ana to get away from her. Make Grace turn her back on her," she answered. 

"Julia that is nowhere near the truth. Nowhere," he warned. 

"Then what is?"

"Elena was indeed a friend of my mother's. But Elena caused her own demise. I was 15 when she seduced me. I became her submissive for 6 years. A submissive in a way that I'd never want to hear you felt the need to be. After I broke apart from that relationship with her, she became the submissive dealer for me. I was with 15 submissives before Anastasia came into my life. Anastasia taught me to love. I lost her once and vowed I would do anything to get her back. So I kept my promise. I was taught to love. Elena was disowned by my family because she did what she did to me. I swear to you that I would never have turned a back on someone that was a friend," he answered. 

She nodded and he heard her moving a bit. "I saw this stack of papers. Care to explain?"

"Your rules. Read over them before dinner. My brother will be here later so just look through them. Don't worry I can talk with you later about them."

She nodded and he smiled as she went up to her lounge area to look over them. 

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