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Julia's POV

I sighed as the clock rang on 8. It was the day that the emergency adoption happened. In English I just lost my safe haven because of it. I never fit in around other people. I've always been the odd one out. All cause I don't like sports.

I'm the girl who likes to remain inside and keep my hands all clean

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I'm the girl who likes to remain inside and keep my hands all clean. I was the silent and productive girl. I dressed in black pants and a black long shirt while slipping on my necklace that I received from my dad before he died. I was very au naturel. I didn't use makeup or nothing. But I wanted to change that. But it'll have to wait. I have to be packed in an hour, because after an hour we get to eat and say our goodbyes. I quickly packed all my shirts and pants and walked downstairs to see cars arriving. While we ate, the people had to have a meeting with our caretakers.

I grabbed my leftovers from dinner last night and nuked them. As I ate, I heard the doors open so I finished my meal quickly and then washed my dishes and walked over to the couch I was instructed to go to and saw the caretakers and then the people on the list were all spread out. Arianne came out and hugged me. We knew we were about to be separated.

"You children all have potential. So in the misfortune of no adoptions we've assigned you to certain people. When they call your name go to them. They have your belongings that we asked you to pack," explained the caretaker. What poor family is stuck with me?

"Arianne Avalie," called a dark skinned man. Poor girl.

"Julia Alicia," a man called. I walked over and I was stunned. CEO Christian Grey adopted me. But I said nothing. "You're not mute are you?"

"No sir. I'm sorry," I responded after a moment.

"Don't apologize. Now come," he beckoned and I followed. Arianne looked worried and I nodded at her to go. I'd find her again.

After all how bad can this be? I mean we're all going to a home. A warm loving home. Somewhere we can trust each other and be a family. I trust this family. I knew he was married to Anastasia and she knew me from the school.

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