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As Teddy and Julia arrived at the library, she immediately began looking at books on psychology. "Wanting to help the mentally insane?"

"No. I want to study the dead," she answered. He chuckled as they were reading.

"So how you liking your new home?"

She shrugged."It's okay. I don't have any comparisons," she replied.

"What about dad? Do you like him?"

"Christian's the first man I can call dad. I'd never call him daddy so he didn't get creeped out. Like he's so worried about my health and me. The orphanage and my parents weren't. I wasn't the favorite child," she explained. What she didn't realize was Christian was right behind her until he hugged her tightly.

"Hi," he answered

"Hi daddy," Julia murmured. He smiled and hugged her tighter if possible.

"Let's get home so you guys can just rest. Elliot and Mia are waiting at home too. So it's a good chance for you to be more social," he decided. Teddy and Julia nodded knowing he was probably right.

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