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Christian knew that his wife's decision to make Julia work would be questioned, but it was no issue. She was already going to get her SIN number by the weekend, plus Christian was putting her in online school, so then she would be able to stay home and work. She didn't really like to leave the side of Christian or Teddy. 

As morning dawned, Julia looked up to see Christian rubbing her shoulder. She smiled at him. "Hungry?"

"Little," she responded. He smiled and helped her out of her bed and walked with her down the stairs. 

"Morning Julia," Anastasia greeted. She smiled and waved. "Hungry?"

"Very," she chuckled. She smiled and poured her some OJ while making eggs for them all. 

"Scrambled eggs? Over easy? What type?"

"Scrambled please," she answered. 

"Mr.Grey," Taylor greeted and handed him a letter. He opened it and smiled. 

"Julia's SIN number. It's in. Anastasia and I will hold it. You won't start until Monday. You'll come to work with me," Christian answered. 

"But don't I work for mom- I mean Anastasia?"

"Don't be afraid to call me mom," Anastasia answered while ruffling her hair. She nodded. "But anyways, yes. You'll receive your instructions through e-mail from me. Do your school work first though," she answered. 

She nodded and began eating the eggs as she got them put in front of her. "Dad, can I take Julia to the library with me?" Teddy wanted some private time with her. 

"Yeah. Take Taylor though," he answered. 

"Great. Go get dressed sis," he answered. She nodded and was excited to spend some time with her new big brother. 

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