What Did You Do? Pt.2

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Mino and Mimi stood there looking stupid. This was the most awkward moment Mimi has ever been in. Plus Mino thought Bobby looked kind of intimidating at the moment. He was hoping Mimi wouldn't get scared and blurt everything out.

Mimi: Well... You see... Uhm... Mino didn't know how to work the shower and... There was trash under the bed.

Bobby: Oh...

Mino: Well I better take that shower.

Bobby: No, what you need to do is pack your clothes and get the hell out.

Mimi: What?

Bobby: You heard me, pack your shit, and get out!

Mino went in his room and started to pack his stuff. Bobby just stood there looking at Mimi. He didn't say a word he only looked at her. Mimi felt terrible and decided to finally say something.

Mimi: But Jiwon...

Bobby: Shhh, Just be quite. I'll deal with you later.

Mino came back out of his room with his suitcase just in time to hear Bobby's little remark.

Mino: What do you mean by that?

Bobby: Get out!

Mino: Fuck no what are going to do to her?!

Bobby: None of your business! GET THE FUCK OUT!

Mino: If you do anything to her, I swear..

Bobby: What? What are you gonna do Mino?! You're the one who came into MY house and stuck your filthy dick inside MY sister! Now I won't tell you again! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!

Mino finally left, you could hear him slam the door forcefully. This pissed Bobby off even more.

Mimi: Jiwon... Please... I didn't mean it!

Bobby: You really take me for a fool don't you?!

Mimi: I'm sorry Jiwon!

Bobby: I thought you loved me.

Mimi: I do! I really do!

Bobby: No you don't! You wouldn't of done what you did!

Mimi: I resisted I swear! I begged him to stop!! I didn't want it!!

Bobby: I just need some alone time right now.

Bobby went back to the studio and left Mimi alone and crying. She decided to get out of the house to clear her head. She really hurt Jiwon. She could see it in his eyes.

She sat on a bench crying until someone came up to her.

Stranger: Hey little lady why all the tears?

The voice sounded very familiar. Like a boy she liked in highschool. She had a lot of crushes you know? She looked up to see a really handsome boy. She recognized him and got really excited when she saw him.

Mimi: Jeup! Is that you?!

Jeup: Yep, the one and only!

Jeup: Yep, the one and only!

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