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Book summaries: 

{The War Bond- Alpha Mason}

The stories i've heard about him are heart wrenching. The people he's killed, the packs he has destroyed. He earned his title for Alpha of War, but in the worst way possible.

Alpha Mason's name practically sends chills to people. Though i've only heard stories about him, I couldn't help but to believe them. Stories had to start somewhere right?

Little did I know, I was about to find out if these stories were true or not. Little did I know our worlds would collide, quite literally.

How could fate pair me with a ruthless man?

{The Power Bond -Alpha Ryker}

Alpha Ryker is the ultimate womanizer. He's the quirky alpha you'd never expect. He can be from the sarcastic jokester, all the way to a sadistic man who does what's necessary. Leading one of the most powerful packs in the world, he isn't one to be messed with.

He loves the way he lives. The woman falling at his feet, not having to worry about anyone else, and having a guilt free life, but that all comes crashing down when a girl with a fiery attitude steps into his life. Ever heard you can't fight fire with fire? Well, you're about to see why. Meet Madeline Allen, his mate, did we mention she's a snarky royal?

{The Intelligence Bond- Alpha Jackson (my fav)}

He's smarter than most, if not all. He's known for saving countless of packs from near disasters. He's the key man for assisting in war—and with Alpha Mason by his side—they were unstoppable. They say his mind works like no others. He can outthink anyone, one of the many reason he is the powerful alpha of the Intelligence Pack. Though, there's one thing that comes into his life—leaving him shocked—that he quite can't figure out, his mate Aurora Leigh. He can't help but like the way she keeps him on his toes.

There was one thing he has determined, he will figure out each and every little thing about her, no matter how long it takes.


There you have it! Comment which one you are most excited to read!!!! Personally I think I'm really going to enjoy creating the power bond book because it's going to be funny as hell. Alpha Ryker just has this sarcastic personality that you just have to love and so will Madeline. 

Aurora is going to be very feisty, the first chapter of the intelligence bond will show you that. The War Bond might be posted tonight so that mystery mate shall be kept secret ;)

Names and how they're sounded: 

Madeline- Mad-ill-line

Aurora- A-roar-ah

DO NOT COPY ANY OF THESE SUMMARIES OR COVERS!!! I will find out and I will take measures. Thanks. 

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