{Scarlett's POV}

That night, I stayed in the guest room. You could tell Christian wanted me to stay with him, but I just needed some time. The next morning I woke up to an empty penthouse, if you can call it that. I had some shorts on an a tank top and was comfy and cozy. I walked into the small kitchen and opened the fridge. Of course there's no food here.

I wondered if he even came here besides to sleep. He did show me his office on this floor, maybe he's there. I opened the door and quietly headed down the hall. Once I came to his office I focused my hearing in to see if he was in a meeting. It was silent. I knocked on the door. Nothing. I slowly opened the door and came to an empty office.

"Hmph." I let out and decided to look for him. I can also get some breakfast. I walked out the door that leaded to the steps and froze. I needed to change, but when I tugged on the door, it was locked, and I didn't know the code.

"You have got to be kidding me." I grumbled and sighed, I guess i'll take the hit. I headed down the stairs and as I made my way to the main foyer, everyone looked at me with wide eyes. Their attire was elegant and fancy, then there's me in a tank and shorts. I tried focusing on his scent, but too many were around to catch it.

My wolf felt irritated being away from her mate, but as my stomach grumbled I knew I just wanted some food, he can wait.

"Luna!" Someone called out walking towards, me? Luna? Luna, oh my Goddess they called me their Luna.

"Alpha Christian told me to inform you that breakfast is ready in the dining room for you, he just got back from an early meeting." So that's where he was.

"Could you take me there?" I asked and the man smiled nodding. "Of course, follow me." As he took me there I couldn't help but think at how he called me Luna. It was the female version of the Alpha: the Alpha's equal.

Christian's scent swarmed over me as we walked through two big mahogany doors and I grinned spotting him sitting behind an elegant table, food set out perfectly. It was quiet and he was the only one in here besides a servant pouring his coffee.

"Good morning." I called out and he looked up from his newspaper and his eyes roamed my body as I walked in his direction. "Good morning..." He trailed off. "What?" I asked hesitantly and sat next to him.

"You walked out there in front of unmated males like that?" He asked and I could see the gold flecks shine in this eyes as his wolf clawed at the surface. "I didn't know the code to get back into the hall to change." I mumbled as he took off his suit jacket and handed me it.

"I would just feel better if you wore that over your clothes when we head back up, you don't have to now." I nodded understanding, he hasn't marked me yet and until he does, any male attention towards me will infuriate his wolf. Marking was something important in a mate bond and without it, the male is usually very possessive. A mark is a bite to the neck, fully claiming the other as their own.

It was silent as I made my plate. "Chris?" I asked and he turned towards me smiling.

"I like it when you call me that." I grinned rolling my eyes.

"But yes?"

"Mason's eyes, they were red, yours are gold, so are all alpha's different?" I asked and saw him tense.

"Mason? You're on first name bases with him?" Is that all he got out of that?

"No, he's just not around, now answer my question." I demanded playfully and he let out a playful growl back and I grinned picking up a strawberry and bit into it.

"As for your question, yes, they're all different. Mine show gold, for a royal and a high status. Mason's pack is war, blood and battles happens in war, his are blood red. Alpha Jackson's are blue, It is often associated with depth and stability, it symbolizes wisdom, confidence, intelligence, and that's what The Intelligence Pack is. Alpha Ryker's are purple believe it or not. Purple represents power." He said and I cocked an eyebrow.

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