Taehyung's new friends

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Despite the extremely embarrassing accident in the cafeteria, the rest of the day had gone by smoothly. Jimin had focused well in class, and recieved praise from the teacher for his work which was very unusual. He wasn't some type of top scoring student, but those few subjects he enjoyed let him show those parts of his brains which were actually good.

So with his backpack he started walking towards the exit of the school yard, and while doing so he spotted Taehyung. He stood by the corner of the entrance, seemingly talking to someone who was covered by the high fence which went around the whole school in a protecting manner.

"Tae-Tae!", he yelled with his soft and high pitched voice, his expression turning into his eye smile. Taehyung turned his head and upon spotting Jimin he waved for him to come over, a huge grin playing on his face.

Jimin continued walking towards his best friend, but as he got closer he started spotting the person Taehyung talked with, or rather the people. He seemed to be mainly talking with Jungkook, who Jimin figured he simply met in class and with ease created a friendship. Unlike Jimin he was quite outgoing, and had it easy to make friends with practically anyone.

Then with Jungkook stood his friends Seokjin, Namjoon, Hoseok, and lastly Yoongi. The way they looked together made him think that they could easily be mistaken for a K-pop band.

Jimin's thoughts started going back to lunch, and he immediately lowered his head slightly with his expression turning more stiff and awkward. As he reached the group of people, Taehyung immediately placed an arm around the shorter male, and started introducing him.

"This orange shortie dwarf right here is Park Jimin ChimChim Jiminie Jibooty hyung.", he said, which made the shorter boy glare up at Tae in annoyance, knowing that he said all those nicknames to embarrass him. Jimin was indeed quite easily flustered, so it worked.

"Jimin-ah, don't give me scary looks.", Taehyung cried while he looked like a scared puppy, of course just acting to try and tease the male even more. It was a success.

His eyes carefully glanced up at the group of guys in front of him, seeing how Namjoon had his arm around Seokjin. Oh, how he envied them. They were openly a couple, and somehow remained popular- especially amongst girls. Jimin didn't even want to think about the possibility of him and Yoongi somehow ending up together, since it was very low. The thought would only make him depressed.

"These hyungs here are Namjoon, Seokjin, Hoseok, and Yoongi.", Jungkook replied, introducing his friends to Jimin who quietly nodded back in reply.

When hearing his name it seemed like Yoongi finally got out of his thoughts, and looked at the two new faces in front of him. He had been busy thinking about sleeping and didn't even notice them. Jungkook had mentioned someone whose name was Taehyng, but there were two of them. His eyes widened slightly in realization as he recognized the haircolour.

"Ah, Orange.", he spoke out loud, which caught the boy's attention, but Orange immediately looked away.

"Ohhh, so you're the one who spilled water all over Yoongi?", Hoseok asked with a huge smile, followed by a laugh as he remembered how wet Yoongi had been.

"No, he bumped into me so I spilled my water all over myself.", Yoongie corrected, followed by a yawn. Orange seemed shy, like he didn't enjoy the sudden attention he was getting. That was a pretty cute behaviour, he thought, especially for a guy.

Hoseok went forward to Orange, and placed an arm around the boy.

"We'll be great friends.", he said, as Orange looked around with confusion written all over his face. The sudden body contact must have surprised him.

"Horse face, you should respect your swaggy and amazing hyung."

"Look, our horse is finally making a friend!", Seokjin then said with a proud mom voice, ignoring Yoongi's statement, which recieved a kiss on the cheek from Namjoon.

"Jimin-ah, you're surprisingly muscular! Are you in any sports clubs?", Hoseok suddenly said, and Taehyung casually began moving his hands over Jimin's chest and stomach, confirming what Hoseok stated.

So his name was actually Jimin.

"ChimChim hyung is a dancer!", Taehyung told him, sounding awfully proud as he did so, probably happy to show off his friend. Hoseok's mouth became a big O.

"I'm also a dancer! Jimin-ah, we must dance sometime... I know, why don't you two come to our party tonight?", Hoseok suggested and looked over at Namjoon who gave him a nod to say that it was alright for the two to be invited.

Taehyung however knew how partying wasn't Jimin's thing. Since he really wanted to go however he went down on both knees in front of Jimin with his hands wrapped together as he looked up at him in an overly dramatic begging way.

"Please, please, please, hyungi! Master Jimin oppa hyung!", Taehyung said, and Jimin just looked like he was suffering from the sight. So he lightly pushed him over with his foot while laughing brightly; showing off his pretty eye smile.

That's when Yoongi's heart skipped a beat.

"Fine, Tae-Tae.", he replied to the soon celebrating Taehyung.

And that's how Jimin ended up going to his first party.

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