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Chapter one

Harry sighed - the news was always so depressing. He didn't even remember why he watched it. In hindsight, he thought to himself, I don't really watch it... I stare blankly at the screen, watching the blurred pictures flicker across the telly, blocking the sound out until muted, dull screams are merely a background noise, irritating his ears. But this particular headline had dragged his attention back to the television screen. "Another child goes missing."  Harry shivered. At least three or four kids were now missing from his area, and panic amongst parents was rising fast. Barely any kids were on the street alone, regardless of age. Siblings were always seen walking together, yet somehow the kidnapper got more kids. Harry's imagination drifted off as he wondered where all the children went. He shuddered, shocked by his own thoughts, and looked back at the television. He choked and almost fainted. 

"Six year old Stephanie Greene has been reported missing by her parents. She was allegedly seen yesterday at the park but none have seen her since. We now go to her grieving mother, Erin..." 

Harry turned the TV off, breathing heavily. Steph was his little cousin. How had he not heard of this? Fury and worry boiled in his chest as he stumbled to the kitchen and poured a glass of water. Shakily, he drank it, washing the feelings down into the pit of his stomach.


Harry heard his mother scream from her bedroom. So, she didn't know either. Harry casually glanced at the table and his eyes fell on a newspaper. His mother often bought them, but rarely read them. Harry was suspicious she only used them as kindling for the fire. He flicked through the pages and came across a dark, grainy photograph. The park. Where Stephy went missing. Harry stood up. He knew he was crazy. Would he die? Most probably. But police were hardly concerned with the matter. 

The door loomed at the end of the corridor. Harry's heart was thudding as he pulled on a jacket. To the park. To find Stephy. To rescue her. 





The door slowly opened, revealing the gloomy, barren streets. Harry stepped outside.

Come and get me, kidnapper.

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