Chapter Sixty

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Warning : Explicit content.

In no time, we were both out of our clothes. We kissed passionately, wrapped in each other's arms.
The warmth of his firm body against mine was a great turn on.

While we kissed, Lucas lifted me off the ground, making me wrap my legs around him. Carefully, he put me down on the couch, getting on top of me. We continued our feverish kissing, caressing each other all the way.

He went from my lips to my chin, then my neck. Trailing soft kisses. I moaned lowly, enjoying everything about him.

I felt his hand slip in between our bodies and down. I moaned against his ear when he rubbed me a little with the tip of his hardness, building that heat in me.

Lucas position himself at my opening and slowly, he began to get in. I almost lost it! His size always surprised me. I muffled a moan by biting my lower lip.

When he was finally all the way in, a low moan escaped his mouth.
I held his face and we kissed again.
He began to move. He would slowly withdraw completely, before going all the way in. We moaned in unison with each of his trusts. I loved the way he filled me up. I loved the pleasure he was giving me.

"Gawd, I love you..." he whispered against my lips before kissing me again.

We tried to be as silent as possible in order not to wake my mom.

"Aahh... This the first time I'm having sex in two years... And it's with you again... The only woman I've been with..." he moaned softly and I cupped his face, kissing him deeper.

He made love to me just the way I liked it. Gentle at first.

Lucas's rhythm began to increase. His thrusts got faster and I knew we would soon lose control.

Yes we tried to be quiet as possible though I couldn't control the sharp gasps leaving my mouth.

As he took total control of my body, he would whisper sweet and sensual words to me, like how he was crazy over me. Gosh, never had I been treated or loved if I may say, this way.

At a point he trailed kisses down my neck to my breasts. He took a nipple into his mouth and I moaned. His warm tongue was just as torturing as it was pleasurable.

He took his time with my sensitive nubs. Playing with them, nibbling, licking, suckling. all you could imagine, all the while moving in and out me.

"Ooohhh..." I moaned, arching my back and running my fingers through his silk hair. He was driving me crazy.

The heat in me was building up faster, causing me to shiver, seeking release. I raised my hips to meet his thrusts.
Understanding my body language, Lucas increased his rhythm while nibbling softly at my neck and all the while slightly pinching my nipples.
I couldn't last! My body tightened around him and crazy spasms took over me.

He kissed my chin.

"That's right, let it all out..."

That was all it took to send me over the edge. I came like crazy. I held on to Lucas and kissed him so I wouldn't moan out.

I came continuously, wrapping my legs tight around Lucas. He tensed up and groaned against my lips. And immediately, I felt him shoot into me. He moaned my name through our hot kiss as he came too, filling me up.
We broke the kiss and lay silently, trying to catch our breath.

"Aahh alright, how is it possible that you make love even better now?" I teased breathlessly. He smiled down at me.

"It comes naturally once I'm with you..."

"Hmm, or maybe you simply practiced it with another girl while I was away these two years." I teased again, knowing that that wasn't the case.

"You know that's impossible. I don't wanna try out with no one else..."

"If you say so Mister..."

He smiled and placed a soft kiss on my lips.

"Damn, you're so good..." he whispered and I felt him grow hard in me again!

"Wow, boy. Don't you get tired??" I mused, wrapping my arms round his neck.

He smiled, and though the moonlight was the only little light reflecting in the house, I could still see him redden.

"I love you." I told him.

"I love you too."
After another round of sweet love making, Lucas and I took a quick shower and wore our clothes. I told him goodnight and went to join Yazz in the room.


The next day, we spent our time preparing in advance for Saturday. I was so impatient yet nervous and at the same time happy!

Blessings were on my side and I was thankful!

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