Chapter Fifty Five

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(Two Weeks Later)

"Over here people. Be careful." Kadij's personal assistant said as she motioned us over to the huge van in front of the class building.

We stood in line, each with our works in hand. The works were covered carefully so no one would see what the other had painted or drawn.

"Next." Cheryl, Kadij's assistant, ordered. I walked up to her.

"Your name, dear."

"Harlem Rahim."

She noted it down on her list.

"Give them."

I handed both works to the man in the van who was to arrange them carefully.


After everyone was through, Cheryl spoke again.

"Okay people, I guess you all know what's gonna be happening."

"Yeah." was the chorused answer.

"These works are leaving for Chicago tonight with Kadij to be auctioned and advertised after tomorrow."

There was some applause.

"So y'all should be patient and hopeful. And of course, you can all go prepare for your graduation ceremony coming up tomorrow. Have a great time."

We clapped happily. The van soon left and we retired to our rooms and apartments.

"Mom it's time for us to go find a dress for me tomorrow." I told my mother, picking up my purse.

She smiled at me.

"I won't be accompanying you, honey. Someone else will."

I stared at her confused.

"What? Then who will?"

"Me!" Yasmin's loud voice came in. I turned in surprise to see her appear from the kitchen.

"AAH! YAZZ!" I screamed happily and went to hug her. We screamed happily, hugging each other and laughing. I'd not seem her in two years!

"How did you make it here?!"  I asked happily.

"Thanks to your, mom. She succeeded in getting me a ticket for Chicago."

"Oh my gosh mom thank youuu!" I hugged my mother happily and she laughed.

"You're welcome, dear. Now no time to waste. You gotta get to the mall!"


Later that day, Yazz and I went shopping. I had to buy two dresses, one simple one for the diploma ceremony and a sexy one for the hot party that was gonna take place at night.

We explored the mall and found exactly what I wanted. I was so pleased! We found matching shoes and accessories. Of course I'd saved up enough to buy a dress for Yazz too. I was more than ready to graduate.


The next day finally arrived!

That morning everyone was busy and impatient. Both boys and girls were preparing to be on their best behaviour and appearance.

It was ten in the morning and everyone was struggling to get ready.

The ceremony was to begin at twelve. A lot of parents were already present to help their kids prepare. I was so happy yet so nervous! Finally I was gonna graduate! Who would've thought.

"Harlem dear, go take a shower while I iron your dress." my mom told me.

"Yeah, while I prepare everything needed to make you up perfectly well." Yazz added.

"Okeeeyy!" I replied happily, hopping out of my bed. Never had I been so excited about something.

I began to undress when I received a video call from Lucas. I picked it up. His cute face soon appeared, with a bright smile across it.

"Yoo, someone's graduating today!" he laughed.

"Yup yup!" I replied happily

"Now just look at that bright smile. You're gorgeous."

Lucas sure knew how to flatter me.

"Hahaha, thank you Lulu."

"You deserve it, honey. Really happy for you. Like I said earlier, do whatever you gotta do and come see me in Manhattan as soon as possible."

"No she ain't going no where." Yazz interrupted, coming up behind me, "You come see her."

"Oh Yazz. You're there too?"

"Yup. At least I was able to make it." she said provokingly. Lucas pouted.

"Oh C'mon! It's not my fault. I'll make it up to you, Harlem."

"You better." I replied, "Gotta go prepare now."

"Alright. Yazz please take Harlem's pictures as much as possible. I want a picture of her taking her diploma, a picture of her in her dress and a picture of her tonight when y'all be partying."



"Bye, Lulu."


I finished showering and dried myself off. Immediately, I went to sit so Yasmin could make me up.

She applied simple make up on my face, then she arranged my hair.

Once through, I got up to dress. My mother helped me with that.

They hurriedly got dressed and prepared too.

In no time, I was ready. I wore my robe and hat.

"Oh my darling you look amazing!" my mother exclaimed happily as she hugged me, "I am so proud of you!"

"Thank you, mommy. And thank you too Yazz for making me look great today."

"My pleasure, sis."

It was already time as we were all announced to leave the building and line up in front of it.

"Alright honey, we're going to join the other families. See you in the hall."

"Okay." I smiled at them as they left the room. That day was gonna be an unforgettable one.


We all lined up outside the huge auditorium where the ceremony was taking place.
Everyone of us looked happy. All smiley, neat and attractive in our robes.
The ceremony had already began.

"Stand straight." the professor in charge of us ordered. Once we were set, we were asked to process into the huge hall.

We started moving into the hall. There was applause and music to accompany us as we moved to our seats. Never had I been so glad!

The ceremony was a long one. After all the announcements and other activities, it was time to hand over the diplomas.


They started calling the names of the first students in line. I became very anxious and excited.

"....Harlem Rahim..."

When I heard my name being called by the vice Chancellor, my heart skipped a beat and I stood up with a bright smile. There was applause as I went towards the stage. I could hear my mother and Yazz screaming my name happily.

I got on stage, took my diploma, shook the vice Chancellor's hand and posed for a picture with him.
Yup, it wasn't a dream. I officially had my diploma!

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