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"It was an unexpected twist in my life, it already wasn't going to well, but it just had to get worse. I guess the bad things always happen to the good people.Then something not so bad needed my help. Maybe this 'bad thing' isn't so bad after all."-Sage Aroem

"This kind of things wasn't suppose to happen to me. She was suppose to be in and out of my life, one year and shes gone. But I guess life had some different plans for me;-Blaze Colton

Sneak Peak!!

Sage's Pov.

"What do you mean I'm fired?" I was never that out spoken, but this is my job we're talking about!  This job was the only way my family and I could survive. I looked up at the husky, hairy, and rude guy in front of me. He was my boss at Starbucks, and now was firing me.

"I mean that you can no longer work here, turn in your uniform tomorrow after you wash it." I couldn't believe the words I was hearing. I worked hard for this job and only made the minimum. I was the hardest worker there.

"Why am I being fired and not Stacy?" Stacy, being the steryotypical girl who only worked there to please her family. She made me do all her work, while she sat and filed her nails.

"Because she's beautiful, and attracts customers, and you're nerdy and no one likes that. Also we're not making much and we had to lay someone off, why not the person whose making us lose the money." Lie. I knew that was a big lie. This particular Starbucks was in the middle of the city on one of the most busiest parts of town; it made plenty of money. He just wanted a reason to get rid of me.

"I can be better! I'm the one who does all the work around here, the one who makes all the coffee when Jeremy isn’t around." I know begging is beneath me, but this job was my livelyhood. The bills needed to get paid and this job helped.

"No matter if you work harder, you’re just not sexy and ugly doesn’t sell, so bye." He barely glanced up at me, as his chubby hands dismissed me.

I got up and walked away, he would not see me cry; it'd probably make him happy. I walked around from out back and to the front, where I sat on the curb in front of the cafe.

I lost my job! What was I going to do? The rent was late, and I have to pay the electric bill. It will be a miracle to get a job quickly then ask for an advance. Not a miracle, it won’t ever happen.

Blaze’s Pov.

“Blaze the last thing I want you to do before I die is marry.” My Grandmother told me. More like nagged me, since she's been saying the same thing for the last 4 months. She didn’t have Cancer or anything, but I guess she was up there with age, being 74.

“Come on Grams, I’m only 22, I have plenty of time.” I whined hoping she would get off it, and not bring it up again. But of course this is my Grams, she always has to get her way.

“Well I don’t!” She yelled stubbornly, glaring at me.

“Don’t say that.” I grumbled looking down at the ground.

“Well with your attitude, how do you expect a girl to stay with you? And you won’t get to run your father’s company until you find a girl to settle down with.” I stared at her with disbelief and a little bit of anger.

How could she do this? I’ve been working for my Father’s company since I was 15. My Mother and Father were never there, so I ran his company. Growing up with the Father I have you learned not to have emotions. I was as cold as I could be. Weakness was not an option, if you have a weakness then it could be taken and used against you. You’d think my Mother was his weakness but she’s not. As long as she has money, she’s happy.

My Grandmother being my Father’s mother is more of a parent to me, than both of my parents. It’s just once I turned of age and my parents got a hold of me, and I changed. At fourteen, I was the guy everyone hung around. Now I was the guy that if you looked my way you’d be glared at. I was a businessman; the guy if you touched, I could sue you and take everything you own. I could part a crowd like Moses parting the Red Sea. One person, who stuck with me through my ‘Dramatic Change’ as my grandmother called it, was Zac.


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