Which My Chemical Romance Member Are You Most Like Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Which My Chemical Romance
Are You Most Like Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries:Gerard Way

Taurus:Ray Toro

Gemini:Frank Iero

Cancer:Ray Toro

Leo:Mikey Way

Virgo:Ray Toro

Libra:Gerard Way

Scorpio:Frank Iero

Sagittarius:Mikey Way

Capricorn:Ray Toro

Aquarius:Mikey Way

Pisces:Ray Toro

Question of The Chapter:
What Was Your Favorite MCR Album?

I'm making this chapter because the beloved band broke up on March 22nd.Today is March 22nd.

So the Killjoys are trying to get Welcome To The Black Parade to the most viewed video on YouTube.

Even if you don't like them,please contribute.If you ever need me to do anything like this I definitely will.

Hope you liked the update.Love you and bye!

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