Which Dan Howell 2016 Meme Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Which Dan Howell Meme Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries:Failing to dab (I can't dab to save my life.And I won't)

Taurus:Weed jumper

Gemini:DJ Howell

Cancer:Pete Wentz unfollowing on Twitter

Leo:steaming that everyone took as vaping


Libra:Dan is a furry

Scorpio:Exposing Phil of stealing Dan's cereal

Sagittarius:Danger Men at Work

Capricorn:Potato Sack Jumper

Aquarius:Dan's Documentary/aka pointless walking

Pisces:Peace Signs Everyone Hates

Question of The Chapter:
Which Meme Did You Get?I'm curious.

This is dedicated to Hmu_Sidemen because I was going to do this yesterday,but put it off because I was originally going to do TØP.I got the idea after watching Dan's newest video.

I saw this girl's chapter and felt like I had to ask permission because I didn't want her to think I stole it.So she said yes and I totally love her book so please go check it out.Love ya and bye!

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