Phil's Liveshow

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Hey,guys,I just got done watching Phil's liveshow!It was amazing (like Phil)but if any of you guys have Twitter could you please send him something saying,"Hey,simplysupernatural wants to see if you could wish her best friend Jessie a Happy Birthday.She thinks Jessie would love it and she'd really appreciate it."

I kept commenting asking if he could and he didn't see it.I'm not salty or anything I just want to see if he can because my friend loves Dan and Phil!They saved our lives and I'd really appreciate it.You don't have to if you don't want to.

If he does reply please make a chapter on a book or something with the photo attached.Or you could send it to my tumblr (if that's a thing.I just got tumblr so I don't know how it works yet)

My tumblr is simplysupernatural13.I love you and bye!

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