I Screwed Up(Why I've Been Gone)

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I screwed up. Like reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy screwed up. I look at my ugly and scar covered body and say to myself,"Who would love me?I'm a screw up." Then I remember someone did. Her name was Hope and she brought meaning to my life then I screwed up BIG TIME and now she's gone. It's all my fault. I'm gonna be honest with you guys,but I'm in sixth grade(about to be seventh after May 26th) and I thought no one would want to talk to me anymore because I was so young compared to other people. So I just said I was an eighth grader because I thought Hope wouldn't want to talk to me anymore because I was just in my first year of middle school. I was wrong. I was forced to tell her and when I did she said it was personality not age. I realized what an idiot I was and how caring she was. My father then forced me to break up with her(he's a homophobe)and now he looks at me like I am a freak. But I am a freak. Because I have scars on me and I think different from others and me along with a few other kids are the only kids part of the LGBTQ community at my private Christian School. I'm terrified to tag Hope in this.but her user is dobbyvanity and you can find her in my description. Tell her I think about her everyday and I lover her even though she hates me because I hate me too trust me.

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