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My next Wattpad book will be something a little different, some novellas based around my published book series. Here is a sample to see if it's something you might like (link is in the comments).

Outbreak - Prologue

I'm glaring at him just as intently as he stares at me. His eyes are so familiar, which really they should be. I've spent so much time gazing into them, wondering what's going on behind them, hoping that he feels the same way I do. But now, something's off. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's definitely there all the same.

It's not just the cold, unfeeling expression that he's wearing, or even the red rims and the loss of color in the iris of his eyes-although I do miss the deep ocean blue.

No, it's much worse than that.

I bite my lip to trying to stop the tears that threaten to spill out. I want to speak, to ask him why, what's going on, but my vocal chords feel strangled, constricted. It's a struggle to even breathe.

Time passes. I'm not sure how much because nothing changes. We're still here, everything's exactly the same. Me verses him in this weird standoff that I just can't get my head around. All I know for sure is that this isn't going to end well.

He starts getting anxious. His eyes begin to flicker from side to side erratically. A puddle of drool collects on his chin, and a low growl emits from his stomach-a sound that I've never heard come from a human being before.

What the hell am I supposed to make of all this?

I'm scared. Absolutely terrified. My palms are sweaty and I can feel my heart pounding in my ears. On top of that, my dry mouth is absolutely aching for something to drink. I'd kill for some water or something right now.

But then he distracts me from my thoughts by moving. Finally something is going to happen, and I feel a strange sort of excitement at the prospect.

Then he dives for me and everything goes black.

Or, if horror isn't your thing...

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