he's going to find us

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Ilianna and Calden were now five, and showing traits of magic,by levitating toys.

it was too much. Niklaus was kind and thoughtful. When it came to my visions of my uncle. And it was one of those times.
Me , rebekah and Ava were washing Laundry when my visions blacked.
My sister fell too the ground me and rebekah catching her.She was fitting she's never done that before.
"Rebekah go find nik."I demanded to my sister in law she nodded and took of running.
Soon Niklaus and Esther arrived Nik took my sister from my laptop a carried her back towards the village.I soon grabbed the clothes and carried them back with me to hang. I stopped at the sight of Elijah talking to Tatia.

 I stopped at the sight of Elijah talking to Tatia

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I despise that child. I live that she is a mother but being husbandless and trying to steal mine and Rosa husbands. She's a little witch.
She Well not win

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