the death of Ildaria

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It's  been month's since father's death.It's time to crown a new king,Antonio is ill , Uncle took hes reign .And he was ruthless,He outlawed magic he killed innocents burned down villages,beheading them slaughtering villagers leaving orphans.


Its been five months since Antonio has taken ill,I know he's not getting better hes dieing, he'll die soon. i was shaken from my mourning by a scream.I spotted my sister being dragged away.

"Ildaria what's happening!!!!" i yelled running towards my sister,

"Uncle is trailing me "

"On what account?" i yelled grabbing the guard by his cape

"Witch craft my child." tears started streaming down my face as i cried,

" but she not a witch." i lied

"Ahhhhhh  but she is." he grinned , I then gasped, bawling my eyes out,I can't  lose another sibling, I was screaming off the top of my head.I as i watch my sisters head chopped of.

Stefan had tried to save her but the guard held him back.

That was the death of our sister,Ildaria

And long live the king.

My always love *Klaus MikaelsonWhere stories live. Discover now