Diego death

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Me and Diego wee walking in the woods with the guards guarding us.Our hand claps together as always.I was singing an old lullaby mother use to us as a children

when i was done men came out of no where and kidnapped me, and started dragging me away from Diego.I started screaming as i was being dragged screaming for Diego.


"Diego!!!!!!" i keep yelling, as I was dragged deeper into the forest.I was shoved against a tree hard.

AS my vision blurred next thing I saw was my twin brother fighting the kidnappers.One of the attackers tackled Diego to the ground and started slamming his head in to the ground.

"NO no nononononononon stop it not Diego." I screamed as diego stopped moving 

"Diego" i asked not seeing him move the attacker stood up grinning all of a sudden standing up stabbing my attacker in the chest. I started  to run towards Diego who had fallen. The last man had ran away.
I screamed in horror running to my fallen twin.
"Diego can you hear me. I asked holding Diego head.
"I can see it."
"See what Diego,Diego stay with me."I said shaking Diego.
" I can't ros ." Diego said then coughing up blood,closing his eyes forever.

Soon the guards and mother arrived.
"Let go Rosa let go"
"I can't mother."
"Then hold on to me."Then I was clinging to my mother crying my eyes out.

The next day was Diego funeral. We said our goodbyes. We placed his crown and sword on his casket. Good bye Diego love you always

My always love *Klaus MikaelsonWhere stories live. Discover now