we will meet again

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Today was the day. The day of my death. I knew uncle was coming for us.
Ava and Uther have been staying with Kil and his wife. Ever since Elijah been following Tatia around. Their is something about her the makes me ill. I was at home cleaning the hut. When I heard the horses ,stomping on the ground. . I stepped out of the hut I saw uncle.  Uncle grinned at the sight of me he let out a grumbled laugh.
Soon I saw Ava walking from the path. I signaled for her to get the others.
As I signaled a cold hot pain struck through my heart. I knew uncle had stabbed me. Soon a arrow pierced his heart. I knew it,was my I knew it was my Ilianna. My children.
"No no no " Nik said cradling my head .
"Will meet again."I said with my last breath of life.

My always love *Klaus MikaelsonWhere stories live. Discover now