the birth

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I was awoken by a scream,I jumped and looked around, Ava doing the same. We the leaped out of bed and rushed aross the hall to Ildaria and stephan chambers.I saw my sister clutching her stomache.I ran to my sister

I grabbed my sisters hand

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I grabbed my sisters hand. As Ava rushed to find mother and father.
Bulgaria started gasping. I started to coach her in birth.Soon I would help my sister give birth.
Ava soon ran back but without mother and father. Ildaria let out a scream.
Ava made Ildaria bend her knees.
"Okay dear sister,I know your in pain, but push as hard as you can." Ava said I climbed beside my sister clutching both her hands. Soon a shriveled whine,me and Ildaria looked down to see  Ava holding a babe. Soon my sister was holding her son. Stephan and are parents rushed in. He rushed toward his wife , and that was the birth of are nephew Leonardo le demercia.

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