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Somenudeboy: um heeeyyy

Sage: hello

Somenudeboy: can we start this little introduction over again?

Sage: yeah, sure

Somenudeboy: name's Finn, I'm 14 years old, and uh...I dunno, I like to eat, sleep, and hang out with LIMITED aquaintances :)))

Sage: my name's sage, I'm also
14, and I pretty much like
everything you do so...that's

Finn: so...where do you go to school?

Sage: Jimin Ville High

Finn: is that like a private school or something?

Sage: no, actually, it's in Honolulu, Hawaii

Finn: hono-what what? Wait did you just say HAWAII!!!

Finn: shit! You're so lucky

Finn: you're over here surfing and drinking cocunts, while I'm stuck in boring old Canada :(

Sage: what? Lol Canada is amazing and Hawaii is not all "muana sing alongs" or whatever, its literally the same as everywhere else

Finn: I'm sorry but wtf did you just say?

Finn: the only reason people come to Canada is to escape "Trump Land" 

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