Dobbys dead!-SH

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prompt from Fhhin360

John made it home carrying the few shopping bags his hands could handle, the cheap plastic of the handle leaving red impressions on his skin. He shifted the weight of the bags as he fumbled with the keys into the door and unlocked it, trudging up the stairs to the flat.

He got into the living room and saw Sherlock reading on the sofa, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. He'd only started reading it that morning and now John was back he was more than halfway through, his face hidden by the book.

John made it to the kitchen and started sorting away the shopping, he stopped abruptly when he heard a small sniffle from the other room, he strained his ears, the flat was silent and then he heard it again, a sad sound full of emotion that was being hidden.

"Sherlock?" John called into the living room, a small sob came from where Sherlock lay on the sofa. John made his way from the kitchen towards the small shaking huddle on the sofa.

"Sherl? What's wrong?" John asked gently, taking the book from trembling fingers, he turned it over and looked at the last few paged read, John noticed it was the chapter where Dobby died, no wander he was upset. He tried to hide his small smile at how sensitive the detective was to the fictional character.

Sherlock muffled another sob and hid his face into the cushion so John couldn't see his puffy eyes and blotchy skin.

"Oh Sherlock" John said sympathetically, lifting Sherlock into a sitting position and sitting down and then pulling Sherlock into his lap, huddled up like a small child. Sherlocks head pressed against Johns chest and his feet tucked up next to Johns thigh as John gently stroked his hand through Sherlocks hair, smoothing down the silky curls that smelt like grass and fresh air.

"It's okay to cry" John assured him, gently stroking Sherlocks cheek and wiping away the tears from his cheeks with his thumb and drying his jawline with the soft cuff of his jumper sleeve.

"Jk Rowling is t-twisted" Sherlock stuttered, making a small ghost of a smile appear on Johns lips, disappearing instantly as he felt Sherlock shudder in his arms. He never would have guessed Sherlock would be so emotional.

"Yeah but Dobby was happy wasn't he?" John said placing a gentle kiss to Sherlocks curls, Sherlock stiffened at the contact but then relaxed, the small sign of affection made him feel calm and that he wouldn't suffer alone.

Sherlock curled into John more until John decided that he might as well lie down, Sherlocks face pressed into the crook of his neck, his arms wrapping around Johns torso and legs tangled together, tucked between Johns own and then doubling back on themselves folding them like origami.

John sighed into Sherlocks curls and Sherlock felt the hairs on the back of his neck stick up on end as Johns breath ghosted over his skin. Jk Rowling cruel storyline forgotten, because right then, wrapped and tangled limbs with John on that small sofa, everything was perfect.

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