[1] Dynamite

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'Cause I told you once,

Now I told you twice.

We gon' light it up,

Like it's dynamite!

I'm gonna take it all like,

I'm gonna be the last one standing.

~Dynamite- Taio Cruz

     By the end of eleventh grade, I had run out of ways to say no.

     Which was quite sad, considering most Health lessons throughout high school revolved around different ways to do so.

     “I brought my bike today,” I told Kallie Fleming. It was the latest of my oh-so-creative excuses. It wasn’t Kallie that I was trying to avoid- she was my best friend- but rather her twin, Kaden. Who drove her to school because Kallie drove like a blindfolded monkey on drugs.

     She shot me a doubtful look, and glared slightly at my poor bike, but relented. “You’re still staying with us, right?” she asked, leaning back against the passenger door.

     "My parents are still going to Europe, if that's what you're asking," I replied.

      "I still can't believe you're turning down Europe!" Kallie exclaimed. I jumped at her sudden enthusiasm. I really should've expected how hyper Kallie would've been today, but for some reason, I hadn't. She had always been unbelievably energized on the last day of school, but even after years of friendship, it hasn't really sunk in yet.

      "Yeah, I think I'd rather not be scarred for life. Mom and Dad wanted this trip to 'rekindle their spark'," I said, shuddering. Ew. That's like every kid or teenager's nightmare. Just the thought of it is mentally scarring.

      Kallie mimicked my action. "Okay, that's gross, but it's Europe! Hot guys with British accents and stuff, you know?" she asked waggling her eyebrows at me. I rolled my eyes at her, amused and opened my mouth to reply, but another, all too familiar voice cut in.

      "Who needs hot guys when you have me?" Kaden said. I whipped around to look at him and was immediately greeted by his infamous slight smirk.

      Kallie sighed dramatically. "Hello to you too, my dear twin," she greeted, a hint of sarcasm buried in her tone. Kaden's smile grew bigger, which really shouldn't have been possible, but somehow it was.

      "Why are you here already? I was counting on five more minutes of peace," I said. Cruel, I know, but I was willing to go that far to keep a permanent distance between us. I had expected Kaden to take a couple moments to say goodbye to his friends, and I had been planning to use those five minutes to finish the conversation with Kallie and escape. Obviously, that didn’t work out.

      "Aww, Raine, you're hurting my feelings. I thought we were past this enemy thing," Kaden teased, laying a hand over his heart and pouting at me. I scoffed and looked away. If only you knew why, Kaden, I thought. Then you would get why I could never get past this 'enemy thing'.

      "In your dreams, Fleming," I retorted. "Why are you here already?”

      "What? I can't talk to my baby sister-"

      "You're three minutes older than me, Kade," Kallie cut in, glaring at him, though I knew she wasn't actually mad. Kallie and Kaden had an interesting relationship. They actually got along most of the time. They were the only twins I knew that did that. Then again, they were the only twins I knew, period.

      Kaden continued as if his sister hadn't spoken. "-and her best friend on the last day of school? You're staying with us, Raine. Which means you'll be around me for the summer." He winked. That caught me by surprise. Yes, I was staying with the Fleming's, but I figured I wouldn't see Kaden around much.

      I snorted, regaining my composure. “Yeah, but you'll be out partying, or screwing some girl, half the time." I replied, forcing the last couple of words out before I could choke on them.

      "Actually," Kallie grinned deviously. "I made him swear that he has to spend at least two thirds of his waking hours doing something with us."

      My eyes widened to the point where I was surprised no one asked if I had some kind of weird medical condition. "You expect me to spend two thirds of my precious summer with, with...that?" I demanded.

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