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Four Teenage girls were battling a horde of Grimm. They were assigned to do so by Professor Ozpin of Beacon.

But during this fight, they began to get swarmed.

"There's too many times of these things!" Ruby, the young leader stated.

"Thank you for emphasizing the obvious" Weiss grumbles. She had been born into wealth from her family. Even before death, she remains her smug attitude.

"We need to focus. They're getting closer" Blake states. Blake was apart of the White Fang, now a terrorist group. She is also secretly a faunus. A race between human and animal.

"Less talking more punching!" Yang exclaims. She is the half sister of Ruby and has an adventurous attitude. She's also sensitive when It comes to her hair.

But then, a loud roar from a motorcycle engine sas heard and a being, who was riding a fiery motorcycle emerged from the Forest. He immediantly took out the grimm in seconds.

The girls of course were shocked as they discovered this was no ordinary man. He had biker clothes and boots. Spikes were very noticeable on his clothing. He looked closely at the girls, before instantly appearing in front of them.

"Innocent!" He stated before turning. He got onto his motorcycle and drove away back into the night.


I woke up and saw the sunlight emerge from my window. I got up and saw my biker clorhes scattered on the ground.

Must've been tired, you tell yourself. You began to put them on, as they were pretty much your only clothes. You stretched afterwards and walked out the door to get groceries.


Team RWBY was reporting on what had happened last night.

"Ah. Girls, you've done a great job taking care of the Grimm" Ozpin compliments.

"We didn't sir." Ruby speaks up. Weiss of course, was annoyed.

"Im sorry?" Ozpin says, trying to understand what happened.

"We didn't kill all of rhe Grimm. Something did" Yang said.

Ozpin gestured for her to go on and she did. She explained about how you had been there and practically slaughtered the Grimm. she also described your description which shocked Ozpin.

Once she had finished explaining, Ozpin dismissed her and began digging for information on you. Evebtually he found your description and prepared a Bullhead to meet you.


You were tuning up your motorcycle until you heard a loud noise. You grabbed your chains instinctively and headed outside to see what was the matter. Outside you found a Bullhead and Ozpin and Glynda exited it. You gripped your chains harder in case a fight would occur.

"Don't worry, we're not here to hurt you" Ozpin said. You grimaced at thay comment, remembering who once told you that.

"How do I know you guys aren't trying to put me to sleep?" You ask.

"Because if we wanted to, you'd be dead by now" Glynda says.

"You can try" You scoff.

"Please. Relax you two" Ozpin says. He turns back to you.

"I've noticed how you killed the Grimm last night. I think you have potential and I'd like for you to join Beacon" Ozpin says.

"And what do I get out of it?" You say.

"A better living condition" Ozpin says.
"I've seen how you live. Your records in Vacuo and Mistral. I know how your pain has taken you so far and I want to help"

You proccessed it and said.

"Sure. I'll do it" you say.


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