Chapter 18

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I woke up in the middle of the night with Bella poking me. "What are you doing Bella?" I asked her.

"I had a nightmare that Preston dies." she said crying.

I hugged her and told her, "Preston is healthy and he is just fine. If you want when we get up I will call dad to make sure Preston is ok."

"Yes plz."

"Ok you can sleep in here with me." she climbed into my bed and we fell asleep with my arm around her.


We got up at 9:30. "We got to call mom you promised!" That's the first thing she said to me.

"Ok." I picked up my phone and called dad.

It rung then dad answered.

(Carly=C Dad=D Bella=B)


C-Bella had a nightmare last night that Preston died so she wanted me to make sure he is ok.

D-put the phone on speaker.

C-it is

D-Bella Preston is just fine honey.


C-alright we'll I'm going to go see you in a little while

D-ok bye kids.

I hung up the phone and told Bella, "see Preston is just fine."

"Ok." she said playing with her teddy bear.

"Let's go get breakfast." I got up and grabbed Bella's hand. We walked to the kitchen. "What you want to eat?"

"Umm... I want waffles."

"Ok go watch tv and I'll tell you when they are done." She ran to the living room and watched tv. We had an open floor plan so I could see her perfectly.

I made 2 waffles and stuck them on the table and poured to glasses of milk. "Breakfast is ready!" I told Bella.

She jumped from the couch and came sat at the table with me. We talked about Preston the whole time. She had so many questions. After breakfast we sat on the couch and watched Barney till mom and dad came home with Preston for the first time.

At noon dad walked through the door carrying Preston in his car seat and mom right behind him. Preston was wearing his welcome home onesie. Mom still had a medium sized belly though. Mom leaned over and took Preston out of the car seat. "Hey kids I'm glad to be home."

"Hey mommy!" Bella said running to mom. Mom leaned down and kissed her. Bella kissed Preston also.

"Hey mom." I said.

We all sat at the couch and Preston was in his baby swing. Today was Sunday night so that meant it was family night. We all decided to watch 16 wishes.

After the movie I went up to my room to pick out something for bed. I opened my dresser and pulled out a big shirt and pj shorts. I sat on my bed and texted Zach. He didn't show up today. I wonder if thing happened.

C- Hey

Z- Hey

C- What you doing?

Z- Something happened that's why I couldn't come over.

C- What happened?

Z- My dad had to take my Sophia to the vet today and they said she has cancer so they had to put her down. I'm really upset.

(Sophia is Zach's Yorkie that he has had sense he was 7)

C- I can come over of you want me to

Z- I want you to

C- I'll be there in 30 minutes.

I put my clothes I had on earlier. I walked down stairs, "mom I'm going to Zach's they put his dog down today and he is upset. I'll be back later."

"Ok be careful." I waved and got in my car.




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