Chapter 13

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6 months later

I have now graduated from high school and I'm going to collage next fall and I'm nerves. I'm going to Spalding University. I'm nerves and excited at the same time for collage. Mom now has a huge stomach and is having weird cravings like tacos with lays chips on it. When mom went to the doctor she said she wanted to be surprised if it was a boy or girl.

They are taking my cast off today to see if it still needs work or that it looks good and needs no more treatment.

We arrive at the hospital and we had to sit in the waiting room for 20 minutes till it was our turn to go visit the doc. the doc walks out and says, "Carly Johnson." I get up and me and mom follow the doc to our room.

"How has your leg been." the doc asked while putting gloves on.

"Perfectly fine. I haven't had pain in forever."

"That's terrific." doc said with a smile. "Alright now to take the cast off it won't hurt." she takes the cast off and when she did I heard a pop. She looked and felt my leg to see what happened. She looked at me and says, "Your going to have to wear a brace on your leg till the bone doesn't pop no more." She then puts the brace on my leg and it felt weird.

I frowned and looked down. "When will you think she can take the brace off?" Mom asked.

"Depends on how she takes care of the leg." Doc replied.

"Ok we'll do we need to schedule a new appointment for a check up?" mom asked.

"Yes will can do that at the front desk." doc explained.

I hopped of the doctor bed and walked out to the front desk. my mom scheduled a new date. I was so frustrated I'm so tired of wearing things on my leg. It's uncomfortable when you sleep or do anything.

We got in the car and I told mom with a angry voice, "I can't swim or nothing this summer!"

"Don't be giving me attitude it's not my fault." mom said while looking at the road.

I put my elbow on the arm rest and stared out the window. I know it's not moms fault I didn't mean to take it out on her.

We got to the house and I walked inside and sat at the table. Mom sat down beside me. "Honey it's ok."

"Mom no it's not this summer was supposed to be super fun. I was going to hang out with Zach, Whitney, and her boyfriend Ethan. But now that's not going to work." I said with my face in my hands.

"How bout this weekend me, Bella, and your dad go to a hotel and stay the one whole night and you can invite them all over and they can stay the night. But I want the boys on the couch and you and Whitney in your bed."mom said.

"Yay thanks mom." I said running upstairs. I texted all my friends and asked if they were up to doing that this weekend.

They all said they would love to so I went back downstairs and told mom the great news. "They said they can come." I said all cheery.

She looked at me and smiled, "Great honey just remember what I said."

"I won't forget." I said giggling.

I sat on the couch to watch the cooking channel. I love watching what the can make. It fascinates me.



I woke up and I had to clean the house so I could have my friends over. I look at the front door and there was bags. I guess there mom, dad, and Bella's bags to go to the hotel.

When I finished cleaning mom came in the room holding Bella's hand and said, "Alright honey we are leaving be good, don't wreck the place. We will be back tomorrow at noon." Mom said and kissed my forehead. Dad kissed my forehead too and the walked out the door and off they went. They are coming at noon so we get 24 hours to spend at my house.

The door bell rang. I went and answered it. It was my friends I let them in and we sat on the couch to catch up with each other. They already know about my mom being pregnant.

We were all starving so I ordered Papa Johns pizza for lunch. when it got here we all ate every piece. After lunch we decided to watch a scary movie on lifetime. we turned the tv on and the movie was called Your Next. it was really scary.




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