Chapter 14

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After the movie we went up in my room to do truth or dare. we spun the bottle and it landed on Ethan. "Truth or dare Ethan?" I asked.

"I pick dare." he said with a grin.

So now we have to thing of a date to give him. we all thought and Whitney whispered in my ear and suggested, "How about he has to lick the toilet seat." she giggled.

"Ok. Ethan your date is to lick the toilet seat." I said.

"That's gross no!" he said with a frown.

"You can't chicken, man." Zach said.

"Fine." he gets up and walks to my bathroom. We followed him in there and he kneeled by the toilet. He turned and looked at us like he was begging. Zach gave him a look like do it already sissy.

Ethan leaned over and licked the toilet seat. he jumped up so face and ran to the sink to rinse his tongue off. he ran water on his tongue. "That was disgusting." He said with a frown. we all laughed. we went back to my room to spin the bottle. I spun it and it pointed at Whitney. "Whitney your turn!" I said with a chuckle.

"Truth or dare?" Ethan asked.

"Truth." Whitney said.

"Ok..." I said.

"How many times have you kissed Ethan?" Zach asked her.

"Umm... 13 times I think. I don't keep count." she said then laughed.

We played a couple more rounds then I was ready to stop. So we went down stairs and sat at the table. "so what y'all want to do now?" I asked.

"How bought we go bowling?" Whitney suggested.

I shrugged, "Why not let's go."

"Yay." Whitney said.

"Who's driving cause I can't drive." I said.

"I'll drive my truck we can all fit in it." Ethan offered.

"Ok let's go then." Zach said.

We all piled into Ethan's truck. We headed to the bowling alley. I love to bowl but I don't no how this will work since my leg is broke. I'll just have to see how this will work out.


We got to the bowling alley and we got out of Ethan's truck and walked inside. We got to the counter and Zach paid for me and Ethan paid Whitney. We got our shoes and we went to lane 5.

"Let's bowl!" Ethan said.

We bowled for 2 straight hours. I'm so tired. "I'm tired can we go home?" I asked them.

"Sure I'm tired to." Zach said.

We all got in the car and drove home. When we got there the boys sleep on the couches and me and Whitney slept in my bed.




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