Chapter 19

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I got to Zach's house and knocked on the door. Zach answered it. I hugged him and said, " Are you ok?"

"It will be ok but it's hard to not have Sophia greeting me when I walk through the door." Zach said frowning.

I hugged him to comfort him. I know he is in a hard situation right now. "I'm sorry I hope everything gets better." I said.

We walked down the hall to his room. I sat on his bed beside him. I held his hand and he turned the TV on. We talked about everything and anything. I loved spending time with him. "Want any snacks?" Zach asked me.

"Yes I want some lays."

"Ok I'll be back in a minute." He got up and walked to then kitchen to get some snacks. he walked back in the room, "Here you go." He handed me bowl of lays. I took a few chips and shoved them in my mouth. "Want to watch a movie?" Zach asked,

"Sure, what we going to watch?"

"How about I put a movie cd in?"

"Ok can we watch the Notebook. I love that movie."

"Ok." He got up and put the cd in the CD player. He sat back down beside me on his bed. I put my head on his shoulder and watched the movie.

After the movie I needed to go home. "I need to be going home." I said.

"Ok I'll visit back over tomorrow." he said

"Ok bye I love you." I said.

"Bye love you to." he gave me a kiss an I walked out the door. I put my key in the ignition and drive home.

When I got home nobody was up they were all asleep. I put my keys softly on the table and tiptoed to my room. I put my pjs back on and turned the light out. I hopped in bed and watched tv. after about 15 minutes I was fast asleep.


I woke up and walked down the hall to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and my wavy hair was in all kinds of knots. I hopped in the shower. I got out and wrapped up in a towel. I brushed my hair and blow dried it. After that I had to put this gel in my hair to not make it frizzy.

I walked back to my room so I could get dressed. I put these shorts/capris on and a short sleeve shirt that said Aéropostale. After getting dressed and ready for the day I walked down stairs. Mom and Dad were in the kitchen making breakfast. Preston was in the floor playing with toys. Bella was in her room playing with her dolls. "What's for breakfast?" I asked.

"Muffins." mom replied.


I walked over to Preston and picked him up. I cradled him an kissed his soft skin. I sat down in the recliner and rocked him. "Honey sense your already holding him then can you feed him?" Mom asked while handing me his bottle.

"Sure but I'm not completely sure how to feed a baby."

She showed me how and I fed him. After he was done I put the bottle on the coffee table and burped him. he burped so I stood up and swayed him side to side. I laid him back on the floor and walked to the kitchen. "Breakfast is ready."

Bella walked into the kitchen and sat down in her chair and started to eat a muffin. I also sat and ate a muffin.

"Kids as you know this Thursday is Mother's Day." mom said

"Yes we know." I said.

"Well me and your dad don't think we are going to do anything this year because of Preston just being born." mom said. My parents every year on Mother's Day would stay at a hotel alone.

"Y'all should do something I can ask Zach or Whitney to come over and help me watch the kids."

"Ok I guess we could do that but you know how to take care of Bella but not Preston." mom explained.

"Y'all can teach me before then. I mean today's Monday so we have 3 days to teach me that's enough time." I said.

"Ok fine I guess we can do that." Dad said.

After breakfast we all sat on the couch and talked about funny times.


I have had to be taught everything for these past days and I have learnt everything I needed to know. Its been hard but I have got the hang of it. this will be even more hard sense I still have the cast. But I will make it work for mom and dads sake.




And follow me :)

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