Chapter 8✔️

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We got home and walked in to the house. Mom is making spaghetti for dinner; while she was cooking I went up stairs to my room with Zach. We started talking about everything and anything. We talked for 20 minutes till mom called us down for dinner.


After dinner Zach had to go home, sadly. I drove him home; he offered for me to come in to meet his parents. I kept saying no but he practically forced me. We got out of my car and went inside. His parents were on the couch watching Family Fued.

"Hey Mom and Dad," Zach and I walked through the kitchen and into the living room. I took a few sneak looks at pictures on the walls. There was a family picture on the wall in the kitchen. Zach was holding his little brother, His brother had blonde hair also and was so cute. He was wearing overalls and boots.

"Hey son," his mom continued, "well well who is this pretty lady."

I started playing with my keys. "This is Carly," Zach smiled at me. His parents stood up to shake my hand. His Mother is very beautiful and had a small frame. His Dad was strong built like him; Zach looks identical to his Dad.

"It's very nice to meet you Carly." Zach's Mom smiled.

"It's nice to meet the both of you too." I gave a soft smile back.

"Well you kids can do whatever you'd like; we'll stay in the living room don't worry." Zach's Dad put his arm around his wife.

"Actually I need to be heading home; I have homework that I have to finish before Monday. Thanks though." I smiled. 

"Here I'll walk you to your car." Zach said. I said bye to his parents as we headed out the door.

Zach stopped on the steps and turned me to face him. He grabbed my hand and said, "I have been wanting to do something for a while now."

"Wh..." He interrupted me by placing his warm lips on mine. I smiled on his lips; I could feel him do the same. He pulled away and smiled. I bit my bottom lip and grinned; I could my face getting red.

He grabbed my face and pulled me in for another kiss. This one was just a peck though. I smiled, "I got to go. See you Tomorrow."

"Can we hang out tomorrow after school?" he asked.


"I'll pick you up at 5:00 for a dinner and movie." I grinned, he pulled me in for a hug. I wouldn't let him go, we hugged for literally 3 minutes. I turned to get in the car; he watched from the steps so he could wave to me when I pulled out.

I drove home; the whole ride home I thought about the kiss. The kiss was better then any other kiss I've had. I know I haven't had many but there was defiantly a spark there.

I pulled into the driveway and parked in my original spot. I walked through the front door and up the stairs. No one was in the kitchen or living room. I shut the door and sat on my bed. Turning the tv on I decided to watch one episode of Grey's Anatomy. Once the episode was done I decided to take a shower. I got out and put my pjs on. I put my hair in the towel and walked down stairs. Bella was already in bed and Mom was in her room watching tv. I don't know where dad was; I walked into Moms room. "Why are you in bed so early?" I asked mom.

"My stomach hurts," Mom frowned.

"Are you okay?" I sat at the end of the bed.

"Yes honey," Mom sat up.

I walked out the room and went in to the kitchen to get a snack. I got a Little Debbie's brownie out of the pantry. I took up to my room. I climbed in bed; once I finished my brownie I fell into a deep sleep.


I woke up with sun beaming through my blinds. I rolled over to look at the clock, 8:11. Dang why am I up so early? I thought to myself. I squeezed my eyes shut trying to fall back to sleep; after about 5 minutes I gave up and hopped out of bed. I walked over to my window and glanced into the field. I could see my horse, Sunshine, outside my window; I haven't had a chance to ride her in a while so I decided to get dressed and go ride. We have trails behind our house in the woods that are so beautiful to ride in. I threw on some jeans, a t-shirt, and pulled on my riding boots. I ran down the steps and out the door; I don't think anyone was awake yet.

I walked down our driveway to the barn and got some grain to lure Sunshine to me. I slowly walked out to the field; I shook the bucket of grain to catch her attention. She trotted towards me, and I started rubbing her main while I clipped the lead rope on her halter. I led her in to the barn to saddle her up. Once I was finished I hopped on her and rode into the woods.

I decided I want to ride down to the pond. I turn the corner of the path and a rabbit spooks Sunshine. She starts jumping around and bucking; I'm trying so hard to hold on but my grip slipped from the reins. I got flown off, while I was laying there I felt a heavy, hard object step on my left leg. I scream in pain grabbing my leg; I feel my eyes starting to get wet with tears. I try standing up but I just fell back to the ground. I reach into my pocket for my phone, I quickly dial my moms phone number. It goes straight to voicemail. UGHH MOM!!! I thought to myself.

I lay there for 30 more seconds before my ringtone starts playing. I answer it, "Mom I'm hurt! I'm on the trial in the woods. Hurry!" I scream into the phone. She hangs up the phone after saying okay. The pain in my leg was starting to get worse.

She took 3 minutes to get there. She doesn't ask questions she just puts me in the back seat of the truck. Once we were both in thats when she started asking a bunch of questions. "What happened?"

"A rabbit spooked Sunshine," I winced in pain.

"Yeah but what happened to you," Mom started driving. I couldn't see out the window but I assumed she was heading to the emergency room.

"She bucked me off and while I was on the ground she stepped on my left leg."

"Oh my gosh! We're going to the emergency room. Your father is going to stay home with Bella."

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